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How to generate Form 16 Part-B on ClearTDS using Excel Sheet.

ClearTDS is Cloud based software to quickly prepare TDS returns and Form 16 using an easy Excel-like Interface.
It requires no software installation, allows you to access data from anywhere, anytime and also import data from excel sheets.

Along with the Salary Annexure of TDS return you can also generate Form 16 (Part B) for your employees. ClearTDS also helps you adjust TDS for fourth quarter by automatically calculating remaining income tax due to be deducted in the last quarter.

Getting Started with ClearTDS

Go to website and login with your TaxCloud account.
Read our getting started guide to get familiar with ClearTDS software.

Open ClearTDS
Login on

Just follow the simple 4 steps to know how you can
generate the Form 16 (Part B) all by yourself without any expert help.

Step 1: Start preparing Form 16 (Part B)

  • Login to using your TaxCloud Account
  • Add a new deductor (employer)
  • Choose to work on Form 24Q and fourth quarter.
  • On the Dashboard, click on View and Edit Salary Details in the TDS Return Details panel.
  • You will now have the choice to prepare TDS Annexure II and to prepare Form 16 (Part B) as well. Click on the purple button that says 'Yes, I want to create Form-16 (Part B) too'
  • View and Edit Salary Details
    Step 1.1: Click on "View and edit Salary Details" on the Dashboard
    Choose to prepare Form 16 Also
    Step 1.2: Click on "Yes, I want to create Form-16 (Part B) too" on the pop up

    Step 2: Enter data online or import an excel sheet

    You will now be directed to the Salary Details page. Since ClearTDS is completely cloud-based, you can enter data directly on the Excel-style sheet by clicking on an empty tab. All your data is transfered via a bank-grade secure 256 bit SSL network to keep your data safe and protected.

    You can also import data from Excel Sheets. Just copy all your data in our excel template and upload it. Read our guide how to import data from excel in ClearTDS.

    You are only required to provide salary bifurcation, Extempted Section 10 Allowances and Deductions claimed by the employee. ClearTDS shall automatically calculate the qualified deductions and the income tax due.

    Salary Details screenshot
    Step 2.1: Edit Data in excel-like interface or directly import excel

    ClearTDS supports all the deductions under section 80. It allows you to add some additional description for each deduction which gets displayed on the Form 16. You entered such list for Section 10 Allowances, Other Income, 80C deductions and other deductions.

    Other Deductions Edit Salary detail
    Step 2.2: Add deductions claimed by employee on the fly.

    Step 3: Review and Adjust TDS for fourth quarter

    You can preview the form 16 before generating it and check the remaining Tax to paid by employee. You can also adjust your fourth quarter TDS by deducting exactly the same amount of tax as remaining. ClearTDS also provides you the quick sumary of calculated fields for review.

    Review Data
    Step 3: Review the calculations before generating Form 16s

    Step 4: Generate and Download All Form 16 in PDF format

    Once all the data is entered and reviewed, you can click on the "Generate Form 16 Part B" button on TDS return Dashboard's Forms panel. A Zip file will be downloaded containing all the Form 16s in PDF format. Click here to download a sample Form 16 PDF.

    Feel free to contact us at for any query or suggestion.

    Review Data
    Step 4: Download all Form 16s in PDF format.

    ClearTax can help your employees E-file I-T returns.

    Your employees just need to upload this form 16 on and they can E-file their Income Tax Return in 7 minutes. To know more about employee taxation, contact ClearTax Experts at