How to E-file ITR with Multiple Form 16s Online?

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Updated on: Jul 1st, 2024


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Do you have multiple Form 16s due to changing jobs during the year? Filing taxes with multiple Form 16s can be a tedious process however, cleartax has made it easier for you. 

Here is your guide to filing your taxes with multiple Form 16s.

Ravi worked for ABCD Inc. from April 1 to July 31 2023, and then switched to XYZ Pvt. Ltd., where he continues to work for the rest of the financial year until March 31,2024

Ravi will be required to use multiple Form 16 given by two employers to file the returns for the fiscal year 2023-2024.

What is in Form 16 – Part A?

Form 16 – Part A includes details of the TAN of the employer, TDS deducted etc. A sample for the same is given below,

Form 16 part A

If your company was acquired or merged mid-year, you’ll see different TAN numbers in both the Part As. You should also keep in mind that collect all the Form 16s from all your previous employers. 

What is in Form 16 – Part B?

In Form 16 Part-B, you’ll see details of your income and all the deductions under sections 80C to 80U given on your total income.

Why e-File ITR with Multiple Form 16s?- 2 Common Cases

The employer issues Form 16 to the employee, reflecting the earnings made in one financial year. However, there are a few conditions where it becomes mandated to file multiple Forms 16:-

  • When a person has switched jobs in the same financial year.
  • When a person is working simultaneously with more than 1 employer.

Key Takeaways

  • Use Form 12B to inform the new employer about the previous salary. It makes your life easy while filing multiple forms 16.
  • Combine the value under “salary under section 17(1)” to find the gross salary.
  • In the case of no Form 16, the previous employer breaks down the salary slip to arrive at the final taxable income.Steps to follow to File ITR with Multiple Form 16s

Steps to Follow to File ITR with Multiple Form 16s

Step 1: Log in to your Cleartax account, and click on get started.

File ITR with Multiple Form 16

Step 2: Linking your PAN will help us file your return with the income tax department. So enter your PAN, Date of Birth, and the OTP received on your registered mobile number. 

Linking PAN to E-file

 Now, for us to pre-fill the details for you, you will have to complete another OTP verification. 

Cleartax tax filing

Once you enter the OTP and click on ‘Proceed’, you will see 95% of your information, like your name and income details, will all be auto-filled.

form 16 details

You can review and edit these details if required. After reviewing the auto-filled details, click ‘Upload Form-16’. 

TDS deducted

Step 3: Now, upload the first Form 16 and click ‘Proceed’.

Multiple Form 16

Click on ‘Upload another Form-16’ to upload to the second Form-16. In this manner, you can upload not just two but multiple Form-16s. 

Uploading Form 16

Once you upload your Form-16s, you can see the summary.

Summary of form 16 uploaded

Step 4: Next, review your personal info, fill out your income sources and tax savings, and view the tax summary. You can also upload one or more Form 16 under the income sources tab.

You can also check out our detailed live demo video on filing ITR-1, which will assist you in completing your income sources and tax savings section. 

Personal information on the cleartax
Income sources cleartax
Tax saving while filing itr
Tax summary

Step 5: Now click on ‘File Now’. Add your coupon code and make the payment.  

tax filing

Step 6: Now, click on the ‘e-verify now’ button. E-verifying your return is important for completing the ITR filing process. You can e-verify your returns instantly on the Cleartax portal.


Step 7: Once you complete the e-verification process, you are done with your ITR filing! But before you leave, don’t forget to collect these exciting rewards, cashback offers and discounts. You have more than 50+ brands to choose from.

Successful tax filing

And there, you have successfully filed your return in the shortest time possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get assistance with filing my ITR?

Yes, if you have any queries regarding Income Tax Filing (ITR) on Cleartax, you can write your queries to If you need assistance with filing your ITR, you can even hire an expert, where our experts will help you file your ITR.

Can I add salary details without uploading Form 16 on Cleartax?Yes, you can enter your salary details manually without uploading your Form 16 on Cleartax. However, it is recommended to upload your Form 16 as Cleartax will automatically read your salary details.

Yes, you can enter your salary details manually without uploading your Form 16 on Cleartax. However, it is recommended to upload your Form 16 as Cleartax will automatically read your salary details.

Can I file my ITR on Cleartax if I have other income sources along with multiple Form 16?

Yes, you can file ITR on Cleartax when you have additional sources of income apart from salary, such as freelancing income, interest income, capital gains, income from Virtual Digital Assets, etc.

After filing my ITR on Cleartax, will I get acknowledgement from IT Department?

Yes, when you file your ITR on Cleartax and pay your tax, your return will be submitted to the Income Tax Department, and you will receive an acknowledgement number from them. You will also receive an SMS and e-mail from the Income Tax Department.

Can I check if my ITR is processed on Cleartax?

Yes, you can log in to Cleartax and track the status of your ITR. You will be able to view whether your ITR has been processed, and in case you are eligible for a tax refund, you will also be able to check the status of your refund.

Should I visit the Income Tax portal to e-verify my returns?

No, you can e-verify your return on Cleartax. You do not have to visit the Income Tax portal separately to e-verify your return.

Why would someone have multiple Form 16s?

It is possible to have multiple Form 16s if an individual has worked for more than one employer during a financial year or if they have changed jobs during that period.

Should I keep a copy of all the Form 16s for future reference?

Yes, keeping a copy of all the Form 16s issued by your employers for future reference is advisable. These documents serve as proof of income and tax deducted at source and may be required for various purposes, such as loan applications or verification during income tax assessments.

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