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Here’s Why it’s Never Too Early to Start Planning for Your Retirement

Updated on :  

08 min read.

The rising living and medical costs have made it essential to start planning your retirement at the earliest. The sooner you start, the better for your retired life. We have covered the following in this article:

1) Time flies, and you won’t realise it

They say you are approaching your retirement faster than you think, time flies, and you will hardly realise it. To ensure that you are on the right track, you have to start planning for your retirement at the earliest. Time once lost can never be regained. Therefore, to make the most out of your career span and disposable income during your working years, you should start working towards securing your retirement at the earliest. 

2) Increase in living expenses

Inflation reduces the worth of your money over time. In simple words, every rise in the inflation rate makes you afford fewer goods and services than before. However, not every employer is providing corresponding hikes in the pays of employees. If you don’t tackle inflation, you may not be left with enough money at your disposal in your retirement. It is critical to start planning for your retirement at the earliest to tackle inflation. 

3) Rise in the cost of medical care

The modern world is full of uncertainties. This has called for individuals to be prepared for kinds of adverse developments. If you end up being hospitalised by any chance, you are likely to spend a fortune on your medical bills. Increasing pollution, negative ecological developments and work-related stress makes the retired individuals more vulnerable and may require additional medical care. This has made it extremely important for everyone to start planning for their retirement at the earliest. 

4) The longer the tenure, the more compounded returns you get

The power of compounding drives investments. It makes your small investments grow to a significant sum over time by providing a return on your returns. The return your investment generates is added back to your principal, and it starts earning interest in turn in the next interest cycle. The faster you start investing, and the more the number of interest cycles your investments go through, the higher the return on your investment. Therefore, you have to start planning for your retirement at the earliest and unleash the power of compounding to the fullest. 

5) Increased life expectancy

Life expectancy has been increasing lately due to the advent of technology and its use in the healthcare industry. The longer your life expectancy is, the more money you will need for your retired life. You need to remember that your active income stops as you will no longer be working. You will have to lead your retired life with all the savings and investments you will make during your professional life. To ensure that you have enough money at your disposal in your retired life, you have to start planning your retirement at the earliest.


Regardless of how young you are, you have to take retirement seriously. You have to plan your retirement at the earliest and ensure that you make the most out of your working years and the disposable income you have. Remember, you will be left with more money in your retired life if you start planning your retirement at the earliest. Compounded returns require a long-term investment horizon to provide you with maximum returns. Here, time is money, and it is faster, the better. If you have not planned your retirement yet, then it is high time to do so.

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