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With ClearTax, you have the advantage of the following

One-on-One session with certified Financial Advisors
Our clients include top CXOs & MNC professionals
Tailor-made investment plans that is best for you
Dashboard for managing your investments

A goal without a plan is just a wish !

Certified Investment Advisers will help you with preparation of your personalized financial plan.
Determining your current financial situation
Developing financial goals
Identifying alternative courses of action
Creating, implementing and revising financial plan

Your Personalized Financial Plan will help you in

  • Building a Financial Plan for you post a personalized end to end advisory session
  • Preparing a foundation for financial planning activities by determining your current financial situation with regard to income, savings, living expenses, and debts.
  • Deciding financial goals for you to differentiate your needs from your wants
  • Creating a tailor-made plan to achieve your financial goals by understanding your existing portfolio and reviewing your cash flow
  • Evaluating possible courses of action taking into consideration your life situation, age, personal values, and current economic conditions
  • Understanding and evaluating risk associated with current portfolio and instruments that you want to invest in
  • Providing assistance in execution of necessary investments for your financial plan
  • Regularly assessing your financial decisions and strategizing accordingly, hence helping you keep your goals in sight

Objectives of financial planning

Financial practice allows you to have a secured future by allowing you to plan for days ahead.
To decide on the investment purpose
Any saving or investment should start with a purpose. This can give investment a roadmap. For instance, say, you are 30 years old and want to plan for your retirement. You have 30 years to save. Your goal is to get a monthly pension from age 60 to age 80.
To determine how much you need
Once you prepare the roadmap, use an online retirement calculator to know how much you will need and how much you should invest. No matter what your goal is, there are financial calculators for every investment available online. See if it would be practical for you to set aside that amount after all your expenses regularly.
To structure the investment
You may choose to invest on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Don’t forget to consider your current assets. Investments can range from short-term (towards buying a SLR camera) to long-term (towards buying a house or retirement) to meet your diverse needs.

Your Financial Plan will help you meet your life goals

  • Planning your investment ensures that you keep a good cash flow
  • Cushion the uncertainties and big expenses like wedding or children’s education
  • Build a better understanding of your savings
  • Helps you manage EMI and credit card debts in a disciplined manner
  • Save maximum amount on taxes as allowed under Section 80C of ITR Act

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are the experts that will provide Financial Planning Assistance?
    We have multiple certified advisors who have more than 20 years of experience each in the area of Financial planning and portfolio management.
  • How will my financial planning be done?
    Our experts use proprietary technology to develop customised plans as per the financial goals of each customer.
  • Who are our existing clientele?
    Our clients include CXO’s and top management professionals of MNC’s.
  • What is the fee for Financial Planning?
    Our Financial Planning services start from 4999. However, we will charge separately for Face to Face meetings.
  • What is Financial Planning?
    Financial Planning is the process of developing strategies to help people achieve their life goals by managing their financial affairs. It often covers Cash Flow Management, Retirement Planning, Insurance and Tax Management.
  • Who is a Financial Planner?
    A Financial Planner or Financial Advisor is a certified professional who prepares Financial Plans for individuals. If you are trading in options then the turnover will be the total of positive and negative converted into positive figure of all the transaction and the premium received on sale of options.
  • Do You Need a Financial Planner?
    Every individual who wants to meet short and long term financial goals, needs a Financial Planner.
  • What is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP ® ) Professional?
    A Certified Financial Planner is an individual who has met stringent requirements of education, examination, experience and ethics. A CFP is authorized to draft Financial Plans.
  • What are the benefits of working with a financial planner?
    They determine your current financial situation with regard to income, savings, living expenses, debts and also help in mitigating risks associated with your investments.
  • How often will my financial plan be reviewed?
    Financial Plans are created with assumptions. To achieve goals in time, these assumptions need to be monitored on a quarterly or yearly basis.
  • What is included in our financial planning services?
    Our Financial Planning Services include end to end wealth management. Some key services are Cash Flow Analysis, Existing Portfolio review, Tracking of investments by dedicated analysts and Yearly Performance Report.
  • Do you guarantee any rate of return for my investments?
    Rate of returns vary from one investment instrument to another. Rate of returns are never guaranteed, hence the need to plan investments.
  • Who has custody of my money when I hire you to manage it?
    All your investments will be in your name and its can be tracked online also
  • What is your Investment Philosophy?
    We have contrarian investment style in which we suggest for investment when market is low and sell during market high following asset allocation.
  • How many clients do you currently have?
    We are currently handling 1000 plus paid services client and 3,000 plus retail client.
  • Do you help with things such as planning for college tuition, buying or leasing a car, refinancing, etc?
    Yes as a part of financial planning we take care of all other investments that shall be made in future
  • Will I have access to my investment accounts on the Internet?
    We will provide online login to view the investment
  • Will you file our tax returns?
    Yes, we will help in filing tax return.
  • Will you create or modify our estate-planning documents (e.g., living trust, Will)?
    We will help in creating will and get it connected with required person for the same.
  • Does the firm have relationships with CPAs, estate-planning attorneys, and other professionals I may need?
    We work closely with the right people who take care of these activities In case any tax due comes up, then pay the tax first via challan 280 online then fill the details of the challan in the tax paid tab under self tax payment sub tab to proceed to file your return.
  • Do I need to sign a contract that locks me with ClearTax for a set period of time?
    There is no lock in of agreement. By clicking on “Buy Now” you agree to our Terms and Conditions.
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