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Extension in the Validity of e-way bills

Update as on 9th June 2020 Any e-way bills generated on or before 24th March 2020 (whose validity has expired on or after 20th day of March 2020) is extended till 30th June 2020. Update as on 5th May 2020 Any e-way bill generated on or before 24th March 2020 remains valid until 31st May 2020, if its validity period expires anytime between 20th March 2020 and 15th April 2020. Update as on 3rd April 2020 The validity of the e-way bill extended till 30th April 2020, if the e-way bill expires between 20th March 2020 to 15th April 2020. Further, the CBIC’s notification of extended time limit up to 30th June 2020 for any compliance falling due between 20th March 2020 and 29th June 2020 does not apply to the generation of e-way bills after 15th April 2020.

Update as on 23rd March 2018

    1. Inter-state implementation of e-way bill is notified to be implemented from 1st April 2018.
    2. As per the 26th GST Council Meet held on 10th Mar 2018, Intra-state implementation of Eway Bill to kick-off from 15th April 2018* in a phased manner. States to be divided into 4 lots to execute this phased rollout.
*Will come into effect once notified by CBIC

Large-sized business houses or logistic operators having many consignments across the country on a single day to handle would prefer a simple and time-saving system where they generate all the required e-way bills or Update vehicle details by a single file upload.

This can be made possible by using the facility of Bulk generation of e-way bills on the e-way bills portal.

A bulk e-way bill option is used when a user needs to generate multiple e-Way Bills/ consolidated e-way bills/update multiple e-way bills in one shot by a single upload.

In this article, we cover the step-by-step process to be followed for Bulk Generation of e-way bills /consolidated e-way bills on the e-way bill portal.

The Entire Process can be broken into the following:

  1. The prerequisites for bulk generation
  2. How to prepare data for upload using templates?
  3. Steps to upload the filled-in template on the e-Way Bill portal

1.The prerequisites for bulk generation

Prerequisites to bulk generate e-Way Bills/consolidated e-Way Bills are:

  1. Registration on the e-Way Bill portal
  2. You should have the Invoice/ Bill/ Challan related to the consignment of goods.
  3. Transporter ID or the Vehicle number (for transport by road).
  4. Transporter ID, Transporter document number, and date on the document (for transport by rail, air, or ship).
  5. You need the EWB JSON template or EWB bulk converter or the excel template , to be updated for the particulars at points laid down between 2 to 4.
  6. If you are generating consolidated e-way bills then you  must have all the individual e-Way Bill numbers of the consignments, to be transported

2. How to prepare data for upload using templates?

Templates are available for following:

1. To bulk-generate Eway bills

2. To bulk-update vehicle details

1. To bulk-generate Eway bills

You can use either of the below two methods of preparing the data file for uploading on the portal to generate Bulk EWB :

Method 1:

Step-1: Download the JSON template- “E-Way Bill JSON Format” / “Consolidated E-Way Bill JSON Format” file Step-2: Update the downloaded file with the requisite details. The file in JSON is ready for upload.

Method 2:

Step-1: Download the excel template-“E-Way Bill JSON Format.xlsx” or “ Consolidated E-Way Bill JSON Format.xlsx”

Step-2: Download the converter tool-“ E-Way Bill converter tool.xlsm” or “Consolidated E-Way Bill converter tool.xlsm”

The tool helps convert the multiple e-Way Bills/Consolidated EWBs excel file into a single JSON file.

Step-3: Update the .xlsx file (excel template) with the requisite details.

Step-4: Use the .xlsm converter tool to convert the excel file into a JSON file.

The resulting file in JSON is ready for upload.

Which method to choose?

The second method i.e. using bulk converter tool to convert excel into JSON template is preferable over the first i.e. updating JSON template directly and using it. The reason being there is a validation that takes place when you convert the updated excel template into the JSON template, where any errors shall be reported to you for your corrections even before uploading the JSON file.

2. To bulk-update vehicle details

Download the ‘Vehicle No Updation JSON Preparation’ template from ‘Bulk Generation Tools’ available under ‘How to use’ from home page tabs.

bulk update vehicle 1

bulk update vehicle details

Once the template is downloaded, fill up the details and validate the file by clicking on ‘Validate’ button in the excel file. After validating for any errors, Click on ‘Prepare JSON’. The JSON file is ready for use!

3.Steps to upload the filled-in template on the E-way Bill portal

1. For Bulk-generation

Once the updated JSON File is ready for upload, Following steps can be followed for generating single EWB or consolidated EWB:

Step 1: Login using the username, password and entering the captcha code.

login eway bill

Step 2: Select ‘ Generate bulk’ under ‘E-waybill ’ option or ‘ Consolidated EWB’ option as per your choice, appearing on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

e-Way Bills


e-Way Bills

Step 3: Choose the saved JSON file from your system and click ‘Upload and Generate’

e-Way Bills

After processing the JSON file, the system generates EWBs in a list as depicted below:

e-Way Bills

You can copy the resulting listed E-Way bills numbers and date of generation and paste the same in a document saved on your system for further action.

Errors if any appear against each EWB entry. Make corrections accordingly and process it again.

2. For bulk-updation of vehicle details

Once the updated JSON File is ready for upload, Following steps can be followed for updating vehicle details:

Step-1: Select ‘Update Vehicle-Bulk’ under e-Waybill option on the dashboard

bulk update vehicle details

Step-2: Click on’ Choose File’ and Select the JSON file you want to upload.

bulk update vehicle details

Step-3: Click on ‘Generate’ to update the vehicle details for the Eway bills inputted through the JSON file.

Steps to download the EWB excel file/EWB JSON template/EWB bulk converter tool/Vehicle no Updation JSON Preparation:

Go to ‘How to use’ on login home page-> Select ‘Tools’     -> Click ‘Bulk generation Tools’

e-Way Bills

The Following screen appears:

bulk update vehicle details

Click on the desired file/format to Download.

For Further Reading and Understanding on the e-Way Bills:

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