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In this article, we will discuss what a business owner needs to do if he/she has to change or update the GST registration details.

There may be a need to do so due to mistakes made while applying for GST registration or due to an actual change in details during the course of the business . 

Latest Updates!

7th March 2019

The CBIC has notified that GST registration is not required if annual turnover is below Rs 40 lakhs only in case of a supplier of goods except:
a) Cases of compulsory GST registration
b) Icecream, edible ice, pan masala, tobacco and its substitutes
c) Those making sales within States of Arunachal Pradesh,
Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Puducherry, Sikkim, Telangana, Tripura & Uttarakhand
d) Choosing Voluntary registration

The notification will be effective from 1st April 2019.

Attention GST registered taxpayers!

31st March 2018 is the deadline to opt into Composition for FY 2018-19 for:
Any GST registered taxpayer who want to opt for the Composition scheme for FY 2018-19;

31st March 2018 is the deadline to file the intimation in Form GST CMP-02 to opt into composition scheme for the FY 2018-19.

Follow our Step-by-step Guide to file CMP-02

Also, furnish statement in form ITC-03 within 60 days of commencement of the FY 2018-19 to declare the ITC claim that has to be reversed on inputs/capital goods in stock, in semi-finished or in finished goods.


Who can update GST registration details?

A business can update or correct its GST registration details when:

  • The application is being processed and
  • The business is already registered under GST (application is already processed)

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What are details that can be changed or updated?

A business owner can apply for change(s) of the following items:

  1. Name of business*
  2. Address of the principal place of business
  3. An additional place of business
  4. Addition, deletion or retirement of partners or directors, Managing Committee, CEO i.e., people who are responsible for day to day affairs of the business*
  5. Mobile number or e-mail address of the authorized signatory**

*Points (1 & 4) – Any change(s) done in one state will be reflected across all the states

**Point (5) – The change(s) can be made by simply submitting the FORM GST REG-14 and verifying online through the Common Portal.

What about changes other than the above-mentioned?

Change(s) other than the above-mentioned (Points 1-5) will be amended immediately on submitting FORM GST REG- 14 on the Common Portal.

No verification by a GST officer will be conducted.

Can the PAN (Permanent Account Number) be changed or updated?

No. If there is any mistake in the PAN number, the applicant will have no other choice except to file for a fresh registration using FORM GST REG-01.

This is because GSTIN number is based on the PAN.

What is the process of changing or updating the GST registration details?

The process has been detailed out below:  

How to change your details after GST registration

For changes in the above-mentioned items (1-4), follow these steps:

Step 1: 

Submit FORM GST REG-14 along with required documents.

Step 2.A:

The GST officer will verify and approve within 15 days in FORM GST REG-15. The change will take effect from the date of occurrence of the event.


Step 2.B: 

If the Officer is not satisfied with the documents then he/she can serve a show cause notice in FORM GST REG-03.

Step 2.B.1: 

The applicant must reply in FORM GST REG-04 within 7 days.

Step 2.B.2: 

If the Officer is not satisfied with the reply, he/she can reject the application and pass an order in FORM GST REG -05.

If the GST Officer does not to take any more action then it is assumed that the information has been changed.

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