How To Open Post Office Savings Account?

Updated on: May 17th, 2024


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Most people prefer having a savings account since it is easy to make deposits to the account and withdraw the money when there is a need. The criteria to open and maintain a savings account has been relaxed lately as compared to the olden days. Also, one can earn a reasonable interest on the account balance.

Similar to that with a bank, you can open a savings account with Post Office as well. Post Office Savings Account comes with attractive interest rates and other benefits.

Here is everything you should know about a Post Office Savings Account.

Budget 2021 update :It has been proposed to exempt the senior citizens from filing income tax returns if pension income and interest income are their only annual income source. Section 194P has been newly inserted to enforce the banks to deduct tax on senior citizens more than 75 years of age who have a pension and interest income from the bank.

Definition Of Post Office Savings Account

The post office savings account is a deposit scheme provided by the post office throughout India. The account provides a fixed interest rate on the account balance. It is a beneficial scheme for individual investors who wish to earn a fixed rate of interest by investing a significant portion of their financial assets. Post office savings account is also a very helpful scheme for those residing in rural parts of India. Since the nationwide reach of the post offices is much greater as compared to banks, a large number of unprivileged people have been able to get access to savings accounts through post offices.

Eligibility For Post Office Savings Account

  • An adult can open a post offices savings account.
  • The adult must be an Indian.
  • In case a minor needs to open a post office savings account, he/she should be at least 10 years old.
  • A guardian can also open an account on behalf of the minor.
  • Two or three persons can open a joint post office savings account.
  • A person who is not of sound mind, on behalf of him gaurdian can also open a post office savings account.

Interest Rates On Post Office Savings Account

The central government decides the interest rates on the post office savings account. It is at 4% and it is calculated every month. According to the income tax regulations, if a post office savings account holder generates returns lower than Rs. 10,000 a year through interest, then it is tax-free.

Benefits Of Post Office Savings Account

Opening a savings account through post office is way easier than savings accounts in banks. Let us take a look at its benefits.

  1. A post office savings account requires a minimum balance of Rs. 500 to open the account.
  2. The cash can be withdrawn either partly or completely if need be.
  3. The risk exposure is very less to the account holders because they can avail an assured return on all the investments.
  4. The account can be transferred from one post office to another.
  5. Core banking post offices also provide the facility of ATM/Debit cards.
  6. An account can be opened in the name of minor who is below the age of 10 years. It will be managed and operated by the parent or guardian.
  7. An account holder can nominate a person to whom the funds will be provided in case of any demise to the account holder.
  8. Post office savings account does not have any maturity period. Hence, the account opening process is hassle-free and quick.
  9. An individual account can be converted into joint account and vice-versa.
  10. People residing in a rural area can open a savings account with the post-office.
  11. There is not maximum limit for deposting.
  12. If the minimum balance gets lower than Rs 500 at the end of the financial year, Rs 50 will be deducted as account maintenance fee.
  13. If the minimum balance reaches NIL then the account wil be considered as closed. 

How To Open Post Office Savings Account?

Here's a guide to opening your Post Office Savings Account (POSA): 

  1. Visit your nearest post office or download the application form from India Post's website.
  2. Fill out the form with your personal details.
  3. Gather the required documents:
    • Proof of identity (Aadhaar card, PAN card, etc.)
    • Proof of address (Voter ID, utility bill, etc.)
    • Passport-sized photograph

Depositing and Minimum Balances:

  1. Make an initial deposit: The minimum is Rs 500
  2. Deposit limits: There is no limit as such for depositing.

Benefits and Features:

  • No lock-in periods or maturity dates: Access your money whenever you need it.
  • Wide network of branches: Post offices are conveniently located across India.
  • Competitive interest rates: Earn attractive returns on your savings.
  • Government-backed security: Your money is safe with the Indian government's guarantee.

Additional Information:

  • Service charges: Be aware of fees for duplicate cheque books, statements, and other services.
  • Transferring and pledging accounts: These actions incur a Rs.100 fee.

Withdrawal From Post Office Savings Account

The money deposited in a post office savings account can be withdrawn any time when the depositor needs. Only thing is a minimum balance of Rs. 50 should be maintained in case of a generic account and Rs. 500 in case of cheque facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Steps for opening a Post Office Savings Account?
  1. Get a form from the nearest post office or online. Separate forms are available for senior citizens.
  2. Fill-in the form and submit it along with the necessary KYC documents and photographs.
  3. Pay the amount that you wish to deposit, which should not be less than Rs. 20.
  4. In case you wish to open a post office savings account without cheque book, then the minimum deposit amount required is Rs. 50.
  5. Separate forms are available for senior citizens.
  6. Once you pay the amount, your savings account will be generated.
What is the minimum amount to be maintained in savings account?

The minimum balance to be maintained in the savings account is Rs 500.

What is the interest rate for post office savings account?

Post Office Savings Account provides 4% interest rates.

What is the maximum amount to be deposited in post office?

For single account Rs 9 lakhs and Rs 15 lakhs for the joint account is the maximum deposit in the post office.

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