Duration of investment (15-50 YEARS) 15 YEARS

₹ 33,98,632

What is a Retirement Calculator?

It is not uncommon to see people worry about their retirement years. You need not stress over retirement woes if you work your way out to a secure retirement. With a retirement calculator, you will be able to calculate just how much money you will need to grow your wealth to ensure a smooth and hassle-free post-retirement life. Planning your retirement is now made simple with an online retirement calculator.

Benefits of Retirement Plan Calculator

1. It helps you to practically plan you finances for the years to come post-retirement

2. You will have a clear picture of how much you need to save every month to meet your financial goals

3. This calculation can be done online for free and takes just minutes

4. Going through online retirement plans will allow you an understanding of which plan best suits you to meet your financial goals

Why should you plan your retirement?

1. Security that comes from a job is of an impermanent nature and does not guarantee an income post the job is over

2. Your life after retirement will be free from money worries if you plan your retirement

3. The money you save when working compounds to a huge corpus by the time you retire

4. Early investment inculcates financial discipline

Other long-term investments you should do now that will help you after retirement

PPF and FDs are some of the other long-term investments that can assure you a steady income post retirement. Each of these investment vehicles is designed with a specific purpose. For instance, there are short-term investments, long-term investments, tax-saving schemes and wealth-building schemes to name a few. It would be wise to invest in more than one scheme to diversify your portfolio and make the most of your overall investments.