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What is Retirement Calculator?

It is not uncommon to ponder longingly about retirement years, especially when you’re having a difficult day at work. We see how employees nearing retirement are full of mixed feelings. They are excited about their well-earned golden years, yet apprehensive about the future. Get your finances to agree with your dream of peaceful mornings, freshly-prepared timely meals and rendezvous with family and friends. Start planning your retirement early and for this, an online retirement calculator can help you.

Benefits of Retirement Plan Calculator

  • It helps you plan finances for your years after retirement practically and realistically

  • You understand how much to save every month to meet your financial goals

  • Calculation can be done online for free in minutes

  • You understand which plan can help you meet your purpose the best using the calculator results

Why should you plan your retirement?

  • Career and the financial security that comes from a job is not permanent

  • Your life after retirement can be the most enjoyable if you don’t have to worry about money

  • The money you save when working compounds to a huge corpus by the time you retire

  • Early investment inculcates financial discipline

Other long-term investments you should do now to help after retirement

PPF and FDs are some of the long-term investments that can assure you a steady income post retiring. Every investment vehicle is designed with a specific purpose. For instance, there are short-term investments, long-term investments, tax-saving schemes and wealth-building schemes to name a few. It would help to invest in more than one scheme to diversify your portfolio and make the most of your overall investments.