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SBI SIP calculator

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What is SBI Mutual Fund SIP Calculator

SBI SIP Calculator is an online tool that helps in estimating the returns from a SIP investment. The SIP calculator works on the inputs provided, which include investment amount or target amount, expected rate of return, investment tenure. The SBI SIP Calculator works on the investment amount and target amount approach. The investment amount is the most used among the two approaches. In this, an investor enters how much they wish to invest and the tenure, expected rate of interest and step up percentage. Conversely, the target amount approach estimates the current investment amount every month based on the target provided by an investor.

How can SBI Mutual Fund SIP Return Calculator Help You?

SBI Mutual Fund SIP calculator can help you in the following ways:

It provides a reasonably accurate estimate of the SIP returns. Mutual funds are subject to market risks, so the actual result may vary slightly.

SIP calculations are quite complicated to solve manually. Although an investor may be  familiar with the formula, it can be quite a time-consuming exercise. The calculator can aid an investor to get accurate results in a short span. While being easy-to-use, you are assured of prudent financial planning.

How does the SBI Mutual Fund SIP Return Calculator Work?

The SBI SIP calculator works on the values provided by users. These values are the investment horizon, expected rate of return and the invested amount. Based on values, the calculator displayed the final amount an investor will have at the end of tenure. 

Formula to Calculate SBI SIP Returns with an example

A global standardisation method is used to calculate SBI Bank SIP to determine the total returns an investor has incurred. The SBI Bank SIP formula is as follows:

FV = [P x r x (1 + i)^ n – 1]/i} x (1 + i)

In which, 

FV=Future value

P=SIP amount

I=Compounded rate of return

r=Expected rate on return

n=Number of instalments that is, Investment duration x frequency that is, monthly/quarterly/half-yearly

Example for SBI SIP Calculator

Let’s assume an investor invests Rs 10,000 per month in a scheme for a duration of five years. Based on the parameter provided, the XIRR or SIP return for the investment is 28.21% per annum.

The SBI SIP calculator provides the following results:

Invested amount

Rs 6,00,000


Rs 7,19,924

Maturity value

Rs 13,19,924

Similarly the maturity values for various time periods are as below (with Rs 10,000 as the monthly investment amount):

Investment Period

Maturity Value

10 years

Rs 66,41,396

15 years

Rs 2,81,00,000

20 years

Rs 11,45,92,000

How to use SBI SIP Return Calculator?

The SIP return calculator SBI considers the following user inputs:

  • The investment amount
  • The investment tenure
  • The expected return

With these inputs, the calculator computes the SBI mutual fund scheme's historical returns. Additionally, it also highlights the maturity value over that period and the related gains.

Here are a few steps to use the SBI SIP return calculator:

Step 1: Choose between SIP or lump sum 

Step 2: Calculate the amount you plan to invest in a month

Step 3: Enter the expected rate of return (per annum

Step 4: Determine the time period of your investment

So, based on the historical returns of a scheme, the SIP amount, and the investment term, the calculator displays the investment maturity value. The tool also provides you with relevant information such as the fund’s age, assets under management (AUM), expense ratio, etc., thus helping you make an informed decision. 

Benefits of Using SBI SIP Calculator

The benefits of the SBI SIP calculator are as follows:

Estimate maturity amount: Investors can estimate their potential returns at the end of the investment duration. It is possible to estimate the total value one will receive at the end of the tenure. Assessing the monthly investment amount is easy in case the investor knows how much maturity amount they want to earn at the end of their investment tenure.

Easy-to-use online tool: An investor has to enter a few key variables such as investment amount or maturity amount, expected return, investment tenure, and step-up percentage to estimate their returns or monthly investment amount. Also, the SBI SIP calculator computes complex calculations in a short span. It estimates the maturity amount and the monthly investment amount in a few seconds.

Graphical and tabular representation: The return estimates are displayed both in graphical and tabular formats. This way, an investor can easily interpret the returns, and investment amounts and initiate an informed investment decision-making process.

Maturity amount based on growth scenarios: It estimates the returns based on three growth scenarios: above-average, average returns, and below-average returns. An investor can select the scenario depending on their investment necessities before they start investing. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best SBI Mutual Fund for SIP?

The best SBI Mutual Funds SIP Schemes include the following:

Fund NameBenchmark IndexFive-Year Return
SBI Focussed Equity FundS&P BSE 500 India TR INR13.4%
SBI Large & Midcap FundIISL Nifty LargeMidcap 250 TR INR13.6%
SBI Gold FundPrice of Physical Gold TR INR10.5%
SBI Magnum Equity ESG FundNifty 100 ESG TR INR11.7%
Is SBI SIP safe?

SBI Mutual Fund is safe as it is regulated by the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI), an association of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) registered Assets Management Companies (AMCs). SBI adheres to all the regulations mandated by the SEBI for mutual fund investment and doesn't charge any annual and registration charges as an AMC.

Can there be negative returns on SBI mutual funds?

Yes, with mutual funds, there is always an associated risk of negative returns. However, through some financial planning and professional assistance from financial experts, investments for optimal returns can be ensured.

Why should you invest in SBI SIP?

As you invest a fixed sum every month via an SBI Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) mode, your investments grow over a period as the returns you earn on them also subsequently. In addition, several SBI mutual funds hold three or higher CRISIL ratings.  

How to open a SIP account in SBI?

The steps to open a SIP account in SBI are as follows:

Step 1: Visit the SBI Mutual Fund website and Click on the ‘Invest Now’ tab

Step 2: Select the ‘SIP’ option

Step 3: Enter the Permanent Account Number (PAN)  and contact details

Step 4:  Select the mutual fund scheme 

Step 5: Enter the SIP amount and frequency

Step 6: Submit the application form

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