Discard Income Tax Return: Purpose, Benefits & How to Use Discard Return Options

By Mohammed S Chokhawala


Updated on: Apr 17th, 2024


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The income tax department has recently issued a new “Discard Income Tax Return” option. But do you know what exactly this discard return income tax means? This option lets users completely delete their filed ITR, which is still unverified.

Earlier, if people wanted to make changes to their originally filled ITR(which was not verified by them), they would have to undergo a tedious process. This included their original ITR being submitted and verified, and the person had to file a revised ITR again to rectify their mistakes.

With the new discard option in income tax return, anyone can permanently delete their original ITR record from the Income Tax Department’s database, provided their ITR is still unverified. This feature will help them to easily file a fresh ITR in case of any mistakes in their original ones.

Purpose of Discard Return in Income Tax

Since its launch, the discard option has proven to be very helpful. While it has made the overall ITR filing process easy for individuals, here are some key points why such a feature was needed.

Easily Correcting ITR Mistakes

The main purpose of this option is to make the ITR filing process easy. While people from all around the country filed an ITR, a more simplified process was needed. This option allows individuals to easily delete an entire ITR record and file a new one.

As long as the ITR filed remains unverified, an individual can use the discard return option as many times as required until they have filed the perfect ITR.

Eliminating the Use of Revised ITR Option

Another reason behind introducing this option is to reduce the use of the “Revised ITR” option. While one had to go through the entire revised ITR option to correct even the slightest mistakes, the discard option allows people to delete an entire record. Now, they can easily file a fresh ITR by correcting their mistakes without having to use the revised ITR option.

How to Use the Discard Return Option

Here is how to use the discard return option in the income tax filing portal:

  • Visit the official website of the Income Tax Department of India.
  • Log in to your portal with valid credentials.
  • Go to the e-file option.
  • Now, choose the Income Tax Return option.
  • Go to the e-verify ITR option.
  • Here, you will find the new option “Discard Return.” Choose this option to delete your current ITR application.  

When you click on the “Discard Return” option, the website asks you to delete your current ITR application. Just confirm by clicking on the “Yes” option, and your original ITR will be deleted immediately.

Benefits of Discard Return in Income Tax

Here are some key benefits that this option offers:

Rectify Errors with Ease

One of the most prominent advantages of the discard option is that it helps in smoothly fixing errors. With this feature, an individual can simply eliminate their ITR application in case of any errors and file a new one. 

The discard option also prevents people from going through the long and tedious process of the revised return option. Hence, it provides ease and saves time.

Getting Things Right

The discard income tax return option is all about accuracy. One key benefit is that you can discard your ITR application multiple times until you have filled in every detail without errors. 

Furthermore, one does not have to worry about tiring correction processes that were needed before the discard option was introduced.

Fixing Tax Math

The discard return option also lets users fix the tax math. For instance, if the tax has been wrongly calculated or there has been any minor issue regarding the tax details in the ITR, one can simply hit the “discard return” option and file a completely fresh ITR.

This ensures that users are completely satisfied with their ITR application and have also revised their tax application.

Discard Return vs Revised Return

While discard return and revised return may sound the same at first, both options are entirely different from each other. The discard income tax return option allows an individual to permanently discard or delete an existing e-filed ITR. By using the discard return option, one can simply remove their unverified ITR from the income tax database. Whereas the revised return option allows individuals to rectify their errors once they submit their ITR. Hence, one must not confuse the discard income tax return option with the revised return options since they are both different ends of the same rope.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of discard return?

The discard income tax return option is a new concept that can be accessed at the income tax department's ITR e-filing portal. Through this feature, you can completely delete an ITR which is not e-verified. Using this feature, you can now ensure that the unverified ITR is removed from the income tax database. The discard income tax return option is beneficial when mistakes are made in an ITR or wrong tax calculations are made.

What is the time limit to e-verify ITR?

The time limit for ITR verification is within 30 days from submitting the ITR.

Where can I find the 'Discard option'?

The discard return option is available under the e-verify ITR section on your ITR filing portal. You can find Discard option in below path : → Login → e-File → Income Tax Return → e-Verify ITR → “Discard”

I have discarded my ITR by mistake. Is it possible to reverse it?

No, it is not possible to reverse the deletion of an ITR. However, you can always file a new ITR from your online portal.

What to do after discarding return?

A user, who has uploaded the return data earlier, but has made use of the facility to discard such unverified return is expected to file subsequent an ITR later on,as it is expected that he is liable to file the return of income by way of his earlier action. 

When can I avail this “Discard” option and can I avail this “Discard” option multiple times or only once?

User can avail this option only if the ITR status is “unverified” / “Pending for verification”. There is no restriction on availing this option multiple times.Precondition is “ITR status” is “Unverified” / “Pending for verification”.

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