Step 1.

Start by entering your permanent information like Name, Date of Birth and PAN number. 1

Step 2.

Click on Income Sources and input your income details from Salaries, you can choose to upload your Form 16, so we can populate your information directly. OR enter your taxable salary and details of employer manually. 2

Step 3.

Locate your Taxable income in your Form 16.

Step 4.

Enter the Salary TDS amount and details of employer If you changed jobs during the year, add another salary 3

Step 5.

Next, enter your other incomes like Inerest from Bank Accounts, Fixed Deposits, Gifts and others. 4

Step 6.

Next, declare the exempt incomes, if any, like Mutual Funds, ULIP’s, interest from PPF account and agriculture income.

Step 7.

If you have sold house, property, land or building, goto Capital Gains tab Click on ‘Click here if you have sold any assets’. In this click on ‘Add’ on Details of Sale of Land or Building (Property). itr 2 1 itr 2 2

Step 8

Add ‘Date of Sale’ and ‘Date of Purchase’ of House Property itr 2 3 Enter Purchase price, Sale price and Brokerage Charges itr 2 4 You can claim exemption on this capital gain under sections 54, 54EC & 54F Enter details if you have invested under any sections. Step 9 Review the details of capital gains and click “Go To Next”. itr 2 5

Step 10

Enter the Total of your Section 80C deductions (LIC, Mutual Funds, etc) Declare all other deductions which are applicable. Check out “More Deductions” tab. Don’t miss a deduction. Read :Guide on Section 80 Deductions 8

Step 11

ClearTax can automatically import your TDS entries from Income Tax Department. 9 If you deposited tax via Challan 280 (self assessment tax) yourself, add details regarding it. 10

Step 12.

Woohoo, ITS DONE ! You can review for return by downloading ITR PDF or ClearTax word-report. Click on the large green button and your return shall be submitted to Income Tax Department. 11

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