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Did not E-Verify your Tax Return? Submit ITR-V before 31st January

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08 min read.

After e-filing your return, you must verify it. Your return filing process is not complete unless you do so. Tax payers who filed within the due date but forgot to verify their tax returns are getting the following email from the tax department.

CPC Communication Ref. No. CPC/1516/XX/abcabcabcdated  03-01-2016
Dear  ,
Subject: Non-Submission of ITR-V for e-return of AY 2016-17.
 XXXX 2015-16
Acknowledgement NumberDate of uploading of e-return
 YYYY 09-AUG-15

CPC, Bengaluru has not yet received the ITR-V for the Income tax return uploaded as per particulars above. Please note that the time limit for verification of e-return is submission of ITR-V within 120 days from the date of e-filing the return.As the e-return can be taken up for processing only when verified, by submitting ITR-V. You are requested to submit the ITR-V (ITR Verification form) on or before 31st January 2016. The procedure of submission of ITR-V to CPC is provided below. Failure to verify the above e-return would render the e-return as invalid. 

Kindly ignore this communication, if you have already verified the e-return through EVC or have been communicated the receipt/acceptance of ITR-V by CPC, Bengaluru. With Regards, Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax-CPC, Bengaluru.

  Here’s what you should do –

  • VERIFY your tax return, to complete your return filing process.
  • Verification of tax returns for assessment year 2015-16 (financial year 2014-15) can be done –
    • If 120 days from the date you e-filed are not over yet – you can e-verify your tax return by EVC, Aadhaar or Net Banking.
    • If 120 days from the date you e-filed are over – Send your ITR-V – steps here.
  • 31st January 2016 is the last date to submit your ITR-V if 120 days are already over since the date you e-filed.

  Helpful links How to download your ITR-V – here. How & where to send your ITR-V – here.

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