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IDFC Bank RD Calculator

Total Interest Earned
Deposited Amount
Total Maturity Amount

The IDFC First Bank RD Calculator is an online tool that helps customers calculate the potential earnings and maturity amount on a Recurring Deposit (RD) account with IDFC First Bank. It takes into account different factors such as the monthly deposit amount, tenure, and interest rate offered by the bank. Using the calculator, customers can plan their investments effectively and get an estimate of their returns before opening an RD account.

How Does IDFC First Bank RD Calculator Work?

The IDFC First Bank RD Calculator is an easy-to-use and effective tool. Clients are required to provide only three fundamental details: the monthly deposit amount, the preferred tenure in months or years, and the specific interest rate. The calculator automatically utilizes a predefined formula to determine the estimated interest income and total maturity amount. As a result, this information allows the client to see the investment’s projected returns within seconds.

What is IDFC First Bank RD Calculator Formula?

The formula used by the IDFC First Bank RD calculator is:

A = P*(1+R/N) ^ (Nt)


  • A stands for Maturity Amount
  • P stands for Principal
  • N stands for Compounding Frequency
  • R stands for RD interest rate in percentage
  • t stands for Tenure.

Calculating Interest on IDFC First Bank RD

The quarterly compounding formula determines the amount of interest generated in an IDFC First Bank RD. This implies that the interest is calculated each quarter, and is included or added to the principal sum. As a result, the investor will get interest on the interest from the previous quarter’s earnings.

How To Use IDFC First Bank RD Calculator?

The process to use the IDFC First Bank RD calculator is simple. below are the steps: 

1. Go to the website of IDFC First Bank's 

2. Go to the tab that’s RD calculator and click on 

3. Enter the monthly desired deposit with the range 

4. Choose the tenure for the RD in months.

5. The calculator will automatically display the current interest price that the bank provides, or you can enter all your very own if you are up to changing 

6. Click the “Calculate” button 

7. Projected interest earnings and total maturity amount.

Benefits of Using a IDFC First Bank RD Calculator

The IDFC First RD Calculator provides a few benefits. They are as follows: 

  1. Precise calculations: The calculator allows for exact computations, eliminating the need for manual calculations, which are prone to error.
  2. Comparison: You can change the input values of duration and monthly deposits and evaluate different scenarios, selecting the most suitable for your finances
  3. Goal setting: The tool allows us to set achievable savings targets since it provides a rough amount for the returns
  4. Transparency: The calculator clearly shows the interest received and the maturity amount. Thus, the client can make a conscious choice about his investments.

Factors Influencing Recurring Deposit Earnings

There are several factors that contribute to the earnings of Recurring Deposit: 

  • Monthly Amount: The amount of the monthly deposit has a direct impact on the overall investment and potential returns.
  • Tenure: Tenure is another factor, as longer investment generally results in higher interest earnings due to the effect of compounding accrual.
  • Interest Rate: Interest rates directly determine the earnings of the investment; compounding frequency – IDFC First Bank utilizes the quarterly compounding rather than providing simple interest. This implies that the account yields higher returns due to the quarterly compounding.

How Is Interest and Maturity Amount on an RD Calculated?

Interest on RDs is calculated using the interest formula (A = P*(1+R/N) ^ (Nt)), wherein the accrued interest is periodically added to the principal amount. This compounding effect enhances returns over time, culminating in the maturity amount at the end of the tenure.

How To Open an RD Account in IDFC First Bank?

Opening an RD account, either online or offline, is just as easy as any banking account. Both ways are discussed below

Opening an RD Account Online:

1. Access your IDFC FIRST Bank Mobile Banking Application.

2. Get to the section relating to the opening of a recurring deposit account.

3. Click Account to debit the amount of investment.

4. Set the amount of the monthly deposit.

5. Opt for the Favourite one or pick from the List.

6. Click the button showing Create RD to finalize the process.

Opening an RD Account Offline:

1. Go for the nearest IDFC FIRST bank branch.

2. Get the recurring deposit account application.

3. Fill in all the personal info correctly. 

4. Provide information for deposit.

5. Sign the RD form.

6. The bank may ask for additional information or documents. Submit the application form to the bank representative for processing.

How To Close an RD Account in IDFC First Bank Through Online?

IDFC First Bank allows customers to close their RD accounts by the click of a button, without a branch visit being mandatory. The steps involved are:

  • Login to the IDFC first Bank web site.
  • Select the “Accounts” section and click on the RD account you would like to navigate.
  • Opt for the option of closing the account.
  • Proceed with the on-screen instructions to finish the closure tasks.
  • The customer's account will be credited with the amount due.

Documents Required To Open an RD Account in IDFC First Bank Bank?

No additional document required as RD is available only for Savings Account holders

Features of IDFC First Bank Recurring Deposit Scheme

The IDFC First Bank Recurring Deposit scheme offers several attractive features, including:

  1. Flexible Tenures: Customers can choose tenures ranging from 6 months to 10 years.
  2. Attractive Interest Rates: The bank offers competitive interest rates on RD accounts.
  3. Loan Facility: Customers can avail of a loan against their RD account, subject to terms and conditions.
  4. Nomination Facility: Account holders can nominate a beneficiary to receive the maturity amount in case of an unfortunate event.
  5. Auto-Renewal Option: Upon maturity, the RD account can be automatically renewed for the same tenure.

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