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revised return

Have you made any errors while filing income tax return and wondering how to e-file a revised return to rectify the error? Don’t worry. Use ClearTax. It is easy and quick to file a revised return using ClearTax.

Only a return that has been originally filed before the due date can be revised.

Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you file a revised return.

Step 1:

Go to the ClearTax account login page and login to your account.

revised return

Step 2:

Once you’ve logged in, go to the ‘My Tax Returns’ option under ‘My Account.’

revised return

Step 3:

From the list of tax returns, click on start filing on the return you want to revise. Remember, you can only revise the returns that have already been filed.

revised return


Step 4:

Choose an option based on whether or not you have Form 16.

revised return

Step 5:

Once you’re on the returns page, click on ‘Advanced Options’ under ‘My Account.’

revised return


Step 6:

A pop-up screen will appear. Click on ‘Advanced Options.’

revised return

Step 7:

The first option you will see is – ‘Directly Revise The Tax Return.’ Click on it.

revised return

Step 8:

Enter the date on which the return was originally filed and the acknowledgment number to begin revising your tax return.

These details can be obtained by logging into income tax department website.


revised return

Step 9:

Now enter all the details of your income and personal information in the appropriate fields, and file your revised income tax return.


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31st March 2018 is the last date to file last year tax returns
Last date
for filing
2015-16 31 March 2018
2016-17 31 March 2018
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