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A TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) Interest Calculator is an online tool that helps calculate the interest payable on late deposit or short deduction of TDS. In India, entities deducting TDS are required to deposit the tax with the government's treasury within the prescribed due dates.  If they fail to do so, they are liable to pay interest on the amount of tax that has been deducted but not deposited by the due date. 

The TDS interest calculator simplifies the process of computing this interest amount accurately based on the relevant sections of the Income Tax Act. It takes user inputs like the amount of TDS short deducted/deposited, the period of delay, and automatically determines the applicable interest rate and calculates the total interest payable.

TDS provisions make it mandatory for deductors to deduct tax at source on certain specified payments made to residents and non-residents, such as salaries, contract payments, professional fees, rent, etc. The deducted TDS amount needs to be deposited in the government account by the 7th day of the following month for resident payments and varying due dates for non-resident payments.

A delay in depositing the correct TDS within the prescribed time attracts interest at specified rates charged on a monthly basis. This penal interest aims to discourage TDS deductors from defaulting on their obligation and ensure timely TDS compliance.

How Does TDS Late Payment Interest Calculator Work?

The working of a TDS late payment interest calculator is based on the relevant sections of the Income Tax Act that deal with interest on late/short deduction and deposit of TDS. The key components are:

  1. Inputs: The calculator requires the user to provide certain inputs like:
  • The financial year for which TDS was deducted
  • The amount of TDS that was short deducted or deposited late
  • The period of default i.e. the start date and end date of the delay
  1. Determination of applicable interest rate: Based on the financial year, the calculator determines the applicable interest rate specified under the Income Tax Act for that period. The interest rates may differ for different categories of deductees (residents/non-residents) and time periods.
  2. Calculation methodology: The interest calculation typically follows these steps:
  • Calculate the number of months of delay from start to end date
  • For each month of delay, calculate the interest at the specified rate on the short deducted/deposited TDS amount
  • Sum up the monthly interest amounts to arrive at the total interest payable

Some calculators may also provide options to handle scenarios like:

  • Part-payment of short deducted TDS during the delay period
  • Change in interest rates during the delay period
  • Compounding the interest on a monthly/quarterly basis

The final interest amount calculated by the tool is a reliable estimate that taxpayers can use for tax payment and compliance purposes.

How to Calculate TDS Interest Online?

Using an online Cleartax TDS interest calculator is a simple process:

  • Access the calculator via Cleartax website.
  • Select the relevant financial year 
  • Enter the TDS amount that was short deducted or deposited late
  • Provide the start and end date of the delay period
  • If required, specify any additional inputs like part payment details
  • Hit the 'Calculate' button

The calculator will apply the predefined logic, automatically determine the applicable interest rate for that period, perform the calculations according to the income tax rules, and display the total interest payable amount.

TDS Interest Calculation Formula

While online calculators do the math, understanding the underlying formulae can be useful. The formula for calculating interest on late deposit or short deduction of TDS is:

Interest = (TDS Amount x Interest Rate x No. of Months of Delay)/100


Interest = (TDS Amount x Interest Rate x No. of Days of Delay)/(100 x 30) 


- TDS Amount is the tax deducted at source but not deposited with the government by the due date

- Interest Rate is the rate prescribed as per the Income Tax Act for the relevant period

- No. of Months/Days of Delay is the period from the due date of TDS deposit till the actual date of deposit/payment

The interest amount calculated above may need to be compounded monthly or quarterly based on income tax rules for different scenarios. 

In case TDS is partially paid during the delay period, the interest formulae are applied separately for the delay period pre and post-payment. The respective amounts are then added to arrive at the total interest liability.

Example for TDS Interest Calculation: 

Here's an illustrative example of how TDS interest is calculated in case of a delay:

Let's assume an Indian company deducts Rs.50,000 as TDS on professional fees paid to a resident individual in March 2022 (for FY 2022-23). The due date for depositing the TDS was April 7, 2022.

However, the company deposited this TDS amount after a delay of 4 months on August 10, 2022. As per the Income Tax Act, for the FY 2022-23, the interest rate on late TDS deposit is 1% per month.

In this case, the interest calculation will be:

Period of Delay: April 7, 2022 to August 10, 2022 = 4 months

TDS Amount: Rs.50,000

Interest Rate: 1% per month 

Interest = (Rs. 50,000 x 1% x 4)/100 = Rs.2,000

So the company will have to pay a penal interest of Rs.2,000 in addition to the TDS amount of Rs.50,000.

Benefits of TDS Interest Calculator

While the formulae are straightforward, calculating TDS interest manually can get cumbersome, especially if there are multiple TDS defaults, part payments, change in interest rates, etc. An online TDS interest calculator provides several benefits:

Accuracy: It eliminates the scope for human errors in applying the right interest rates and following the prescribed computation methodology.

  • Convenience: With a few clicks, you can instantly calculate the interest amount payable without going through lengthy manual calculations.
  • Compliance: By determining interest liabilities accurately, the calculator promotes voluntary tax compliance by TDS deductors.
  • Tax Planning: Assessing the accurate interest outgo helps deductors plan for timely TDS payments and avoid penal consequences.
  • Record-keeping: The interest calculation workings from the tool can be saved as proof to justify interest payments during tax assessments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to calculate interest on late payment of TDS?

Interest on late payment of TDS is calculated using this formula:

Interest = (TDS Amount x Interest Rate x No. of Months Delayed) / 100

The steps are:

1. Determine the TDS amount paid late

2. Calculate the number of months delayed from the due date till payment date

3. Use the prescribed interest rate based on the financial year

4. Apply the formula above to calculate the interest payable

How to calculate interest on late filing of TDS return?

The interest on late filing of TDS returns is calculated in a similar way as interest on late TDS payment. The formula used is:

Interest = (Tax Deducted/Collected x Interest Rate x No. of Months Delayed in Filing) / 100 .

How is interest on TDS calculated?

The general formula to calculate interest on TDS defaults is:

Interest = (Default Amount x Periodical Interest Rate x No. of Periods Delayed) / 100

This formula is applied for late payment, late deduction, late filing with the respective default amount and time periods.

What is the late fee for TDS payment?

In addition to interest, there are late fees for TDS payments made after the due date:

  • Rs.200 per day during the period of continuing default
  • Maximum late fees capped at the amount of tax deductible/collectible
What is the 1.5% interest rate in TDS?

1.5% per month is the interest rate applicable on late payment of TDS for specific categories like non-residents, rent on plant/machinery, etc. as specified under Section 201(1A) of the Income Tax Act.

How is TDS return calculated?

TDS returns require reporting of TDS deducted/collected and deposited. Key components include:

  • TDS payment challans with amount deposited
  • TDS deducted amount based on tax rates and payment amounts
  • Any interest paid for delayed deposits
What is the percentage of TDS on interest?

For interest income on securities and bank deposits, the TDS rate is 10% if the resident has a PAN. For non-residents, it is generally 20% plus applicable surcharge and cess.

What is the interest rate on TDS not deducted?

If the deductor fails to deduct TDS wholly or partly, interest is charged at 1% per month or part of month on the amount of tax not deducted under Section 201(1A) of the Income Tax Act.

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