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UCO Bank PPF Calculator

PPF Maturity Amount

UCO PPF Account offers a secure savings option with attractive returns and tax benefits under IT section 80(C). Interest earned is tax-exempt, and the account balance is fully exempt from Wealth Tax. PPF accounts provide a reliable saving avenue with security and appealing returns. Simplify the calculation of interest rates and returns on your PPF account by using a UCO Bank PPF account calculator.

What is a UCO Bank PPF Account?

Clients can open an account with UCO Bank for a Public Provident Fund, an option for long-term investing that is backed by the government. This account allows users to save money for the future with a minimum investment of Rs. 500 and a maximum annual commitment of Rs. 1,50,000. This PPF account service is available at all UCO Bank offices. Customers may also find out the returns, interest rates, maturity, and withdrawals related to their PPF investments by using the PPF calculator offered by UCO Bank.

How Does UCO Bank PPF Calculator Work?

For calculating the returns on your PPF accounts, the UCO Bank PPF calculator is a useful tool. To produce estimations, it takes into account variables like tenure, interest rate, and annual investment amount.

It's crucial to remember that the government sets the interest rate, which is already included in the UCO Bank PPF calculator. This happens every quarter. Additionally, keep in mind that the PPF account matures after a maximum of 15 years; however, you can choose to extend the term if you'd like increments of 5 years. Keep in mind that this needs to be shared before the maturity year. When the tool has all the necessary data, it displays the total amount you will invest during the course of the investment, the interest you will receive, and the value at maturity.

What is the UCO Bank PPF Calculator Formula?

The UCO Bank PPF calculator formula is given by:

F = P [({(1+i) ^n}-1)/i]


  • F is the maturity value of the PPF
  • P is the annual instalments
  • i is the interest rate
  • n is the number of years

Example of UCO Bank PPF Calculation

Here's a detailed example of a UCO Bank PPF calculation:

1. Annual instalment (P): Rs. 36,000

2. Interest rate (i): 7.1%

3. Tenure (n): 15 years

Using the formula:

F = 36,000 [({(1+0.071)15-1/7.1

After calculation, the maturity value (F) of the PPF account would be Rs. 9,76,370. The total investment amount over 15 years would be Rs. 5,40,000, and the total interest earned would be Rs. 4,36,370 3 4. 

This example demonstrates how the UCO Bank PPF calculator can help estimate the future value of your PPF investment based on your contributions, the prevailing interest rate, and the investment duration.

How to Use the UCO Online Bank PPF Calculator?

It is easy to calculate the maturity amount of UCO Bank PPF Account: The steps to take are as follows: 

  • Enter the investment amount in the PPF calculator. 
  • Now, the applicable rate of interest on the PPF account. 
  • Decide how many years you want to stay invested. The highest term of a PPF account is 15 years. However, it may be increased after completion in amounts of 5 years. 
  • Press the "Calculate" (or similar) button after adding all relevant information. 
  • The calculator shows the maturity amount, interest received, and other important information on your PPF account.

It's important to remember that certain calculators may have additional functions, such as analysing different investment situations or determining the monthly or yearly investment needed to achieve a particular maturity amount. 

Benefits of Using the UCO Bank PPF Calculator

There are various advantages to using the UCO Bank PPF calculator: 

  • Convenience: Users can quickly determine the maturity value of their PPF account after 15 years by using the UCO Bank PPF calculator, an online application. Because it is easy to use and yields results quickly, financial planning is effective and accessible.
  • Flexibility: Tenure extensions and a choice of investment amounts are possible with the UCO Bank PPF account. Through the use of the calculator, people may efficiently plan for future financial goals, explore various investment scenarios, and modify their contributions.
  • Time-saving: Using the PPF tool saves much more time than handwritten figures. Instead of laboriously calculating compound interest estimates, buyers may get results with a few hits. This speed allows people to give their time and attention to other parts of financial management.
  • Scenario Analysis: The tool allows users to run scenario tests by changing factors like the principal amount, interest rate, and investment length. By trying multiple situations, investors may examine the impact of various aspects on their business growth and make strategy changes as needed.

UCO Bank PPF Interest Rate 2024

The UCO Bank PPF interest rate in 2024 is 7.1% p.a. The Ministry of Finance releases the interest rate for each quarter of the fiscal year. Interest will be paid on March 31st of each year, computed based on the monthly balance between the fifth and final day of the month. 

Eligibility Criteria for Opening a UCO Bank PPF Account

In order for someone to open a PPF account with UCO Bank, they must fulfil certain eligibility requirements, which are listed in the following sources:

  • Individuals Who are Residents of India: Any resident of India, irrespective of age or profession, is qualified to create a PPF account with UCO Bank. This applies to anyone who opens accounts on behalf of kids as well as adults.
  • Minimum Deposit: A PPF account with UCO Bank can be opened with an initial contribution of as little as Rs. 500, making it accessible to a broad spectrum of investors.
  • Maximum Deposit: To allow for flexibility in investing quantities, individuals may contribute up to Rs. 1,50,000 per year to their UCO Bank PPF account.
  • Transferability: Investors can enjoy the ease of free account transfers between PPF branches, banks, and post offices.
  • Documents: Legal papers showing your name and home address, such as passport, PAN card, Aadhaar card, or any other government-given document the bank needs. 

People who fit these requirements can create an account with UCO Bank PPF and take use of this government-managed savings programme to protect their finances, take advantage of tax breaks, and earn competitive returns on their investments.

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