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Best Books on Investment for Investors

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08 min read.

If you are planning to set off on your journey to investing, it would help if you learn the basic financial concepts. Many fail to implement proper investment techniques and run huge losses. However, others achieve success after months or years of hard work.

Proper knowledge is essential to invest in the right share or stocks at the right time and gain maximum benefit. Here are some best books on investment to provide you with the much-needed financial guidance for successful investment.

Top Eight books for investment

The following eight books written by investment experts can help you take the right decisions:

1. The Intelligent Investor

Written by Benjamin Graham, one of the popular investment advisors, this book was first published in 1949. Despite being written back in the old days, this book can help you understand investment fundamentals excellently. This book will encourage you to invest in shares of small companies as they have many possibilities for future growth.

Moreover, this book focuses on long-term investment goals over the short term, as you can gain substantial returns in the long run. The mind-boggling quotes of wisdom in this book help you acquire knowledge about investment and make the apt decisions. So, if you want to make maximum money at minimum risk, this book is an ideal pick for you.

2. A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market

In Matthew R. Kratter’s “A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market”, you can analyse the common mistakes committed by investors. So, when you read this book, you can learn how to avoid those mistakes and invest strategically for ample returns. 

This book will help you learn the market dynamics and approach for a successful investment career. Furthermore, it will guide you through the fundamentals of short- and long-term investments. As the name suggests, it is an ideal book for beginners that can help them learn the appropriate investing strategies. 

3. Rich Dad Poor Dad

This book by Robert Kiyosaki explains how one can make money work for themselves. The author states that the poor get poorer, and the rich get richer because the rich people buy assets, and the poor ones buy liabilities mistaking them for assets. Furthermore, this famous businessman states that he was lucky to have two different persons in his life for guidance. It made him compare the philosophies of two different individuals and analyse the correct fundamentals of financial expertise. 

He also talks about the importance of financial education in schools and other educational institutions. This book is an excellent presentation of financial knowledge through emotional aspects of life. A 9-year-old boy wanted to become rich as he longed to get included in the beach house party of his rich friend. This urge to become rich at such an early age taught him the aspects of financial independence.

4. The Psychology of Money

This book by Morgan Housel is a collection of 19 short stories explaining the emotional aspects of investment strategies. It focuses on the emotional problems an individual faces while taking investment decisions. In his book, Housel states the common mistakes committed by renowned investors while investing in stocks and the ways to avoid them.

In addition, he states that investment strategies do not always count while investing; instead, emotional aspects are also related to stock market investments.

Moreover, it puts forward the aspects of behavioural biases, heuristics, etc., while making long-term investment decisions. This book is an amazing piece to learn about the perfect financial strategies from an award-winning financial journalist. 

5. The Alchemy of Finance

In this book, stock market investor George Soros speaks about the practical and theoretical working principles of the stock market. Besides, it educates an individual about fresh stock market investment strategies. He puts forward several practical examples from his financial career to make new investors aware of the recent investment trends.

Basically, “The Alchemy of Finance” explains the concept of reflexivity and helps investors understand the social events related to investment. So, you can pick this book to gain the most valuable lessons on investment.

6. Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits

If you need detailed knowledge of blue-chips stocks, this book is your ultimate guide. Philip Arthur Fisher explains the scuttlebutt method for searching growth companies in this book. Under this method, you can learn to collect information about renowned companies from various reliable sources.

This book states the importance of holding a stock or share for the long term than selling it out. Thus, it focuses on long-term growth instead short-term gains. Notably, famous investor Warren Buffet recommends this book for strengthening one’s financial knowledge.

7. Bulls, Bears and Other Beasts

Indian author Santosh Nair wrote “Bulls, Bears and other Beasts” to provide much-needed insight into the Indian stock market situation. In this book, Nair portrays a fictional character, Mr. Lalchand Gupta, to bring forth the reminiscence of the Indian share market and its various aspects.

This book narrates how Lalchand, aka Lala, a novice investor starts his investment career and climbs the success ladder gradually. You can also learn about renowned names and their contribution to the stock market, like Ketan Parikh, Harshad Mehta, etc. This book also explains how smart investors explored the loopholes in the existing trading system and created scams to fool stock exchange regulators.

8. Stocks to Riches

Beginners can take a look at Parag Parikh’s “Stocks to Riches” for an in-depth knowledge of the strategies and aspects of the Indian stock market. This book is written in simple language without any heavy jargon to provide a clear-cut idea to first-time investors.

 Focused on guiding novice investors, this book explains the mistakes one should avoid while investing in the share market. Moreover, if you plan to invest in the Indian stock market, this book is an ideal companion with its brief explanations and guidelines.

If you are still confused about investing in the right stock, consider picking up one of these books. Written by renowned experts, these books will help you make your investment journey fruitful and profitable. Besides learning new investment strategies, you can learn about common mistakes that you should avoid while investing.

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