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GST tax information portal by CBIC

Updated on :  

08 min read.

The CBIC (Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs) has recently launched a new and revamped tax information portal so that its stakeholders can have easy access to tax-related information at their convenience. The content on this website is being updated and expanded in a phased manner.

The new tax information portal launched by the CBIC was introduced to provide a seamless and hassle-free experience to all its users, including businessmen, industrialists, tax professionals, tax authorities, government agencies, taxpayers and various other stakeholders.

Home Page

home tax information portal


The home page provides snippets of the latest updates/amendments in GST, Customs, Central Excise and Service Tax. The option to download the circulars or updates issued by the CBIC is provided below the snippet.

The home page also provides a search box where the user can search for the information required by filling in the following fields-

  • Enter keyword
  • A drop-down list to select from the different taxes (Excise, Customs, GST or Service Tax)
  • A drop-down list to choose the content (Act, Rules, Regulations, Forms, Notifications)
  • An extensive drop-down list with content covering various forms, rules, regulations.

The search tool has been designed in a way that optimises results and helps the user narrow the search down to the topic they are looking for. 

Feedback/Suggestions form

feedback tax information portal

The portal has provided the facility of a feedback/suggestions form which means they are open to suggestions from the end-users as to ways to amp up the website. Any anomaly or error noticed may also be brought to their attention. The feedback can be sent to them via the email address provided – feedback.taxinfo@icegate.gov.in.


Aside from the home tab, the following tabs are available-

  • GST
  • Customs
  • Central Excise
  • Service Tax
  • Finance Act and Ordinances

The GST, Customs, and Central Excise tabs contain a drop-down list of Acts, Rules, Regulations, Forms and Notifications available to view. The Service Tax tab contains all the above options except Forms. The last tab has Finance Acts, Ordinances and Amendments listed as choices.

search GST provisions

By providing these options, the new portal has become an extensive library where information can be accessed freely and conveniently by the user. Each page contains a separate search tool to enter the keyword and obtain quick and accurate results.

The search tool has the following functions-

  • Select Act

The users may choose the appropriate Act that they wish to refer from the drop-down list provided on the site.

  • Select Chapter

Once the Act is selected, the chapter corresponding to the provision may be chosen for a more extensive readthrough and referencing task.

  • Enter Section

If the user is aware of the particular section of the Act they wish to refer to, they may select the same from the dropdown list that appears once the Act is selected.

  • Enter Keyword

Where the user is looking for a specific word mentioned in the overall Act, the last column of the search tool provides the box for the term to be entered. The search results will display every instance of that particular keyword referenced in the Act.

The top left corner under the search bar allows the user to view the Act either by section or by chapter at the user’s convenience.

The top right corner of the page also provides information regarding the Enactment Date of the Act and the date on which the Act was last updated. Below this, the “View” option has been provided to allow the user to view and download a softcopy of the entire Act at the user’s convenience.