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How to be a Crorepati in 10 years?

Updated on: Jan 22nd, 2023 - 8:01:30 PM

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The idea of creating substantial wealth for the future is a dream that drives investors to invest in various investment options. There are various investment alternatives available that the investors can choose from to build wealth through systematic planning and carefully choosing the right investment plans.


The expectation of earning a good return on the investments made is a noble one, however, one must take into account all the factors that determine wealth creation over a period of time. The hard-earned money of the investors can pay-off great dividends when they are invested in the right schemes and through the right channels.
Becoming a crorepati is no easy task by any means, but becoming one through investments in various schemes require some smart effort. So how does one become a crorepati in 10 years time through investing in various investment schemes?


Becoming Crorepati in 10 years - Is it Possible?

The first question that the investor might ask: Is it possible to become a crorepati in 10 years through investing in various investment plans. The answer is: It is quite a challenging task to earn consistently good returns through investments over a considerable period of time. But ‘yes’, it is possible to become a crorepati through investments in the right schemes and by making the right financial moves that guarantee consistent returns through multiple schemes.


How to become a Crorepati in 10 years

Mutual funds are one of the most preferred investment options among investors and offer good returns over a period of time. Investments through Systematic Investment Plans (SIP’s) come as a viable option for investors to invest monthly and generate wealth. It is imperative that before investing in such schemes the investor must consider their financial position and risk-taking appetite to ensure a continuity in the investments.



An individual who is 30 years of age and has a monthly income of INR 60,000 per month.  Consider the average inflation rate for the next 20-25 years as 65 and the year-on-year return on investment as 10 percent. The idea to become a crorepati by the time the individual turns 40 will require him/her to start investing as soon as possible.

How much Investment is required to become Crorepati in 10 years?

Simply assuming a 12% return on mutual funds, one must invest INR 43,100 every month for 10 years to get INR 1 crore of net amount. 

Here are some steps that he/she must take to live the dream of wealth creation.

Consider your Finances before investing

The route to becoming a crorepati

In case the monthly income is INR 60,000 one must carefully plan the monthly expenditures leading to the annual expenditure planning. This will give an idea of how much one saves so as to have ample wealth for investing on a monthly basis. If the monthly expenses are INR 25,000-INR 28,000, the savings for the month would be around INR 32,000 to INR 35,000. This may provide a good investment opportunity to start investing in the right schemes.

Carefully choose a Financial Planner

It is extremely important to go by the advice of your financial planner as they are experts in matters of investments. So carefully choose the right financial planner who will guide you through your investments and various investment schemes over the period of time.

Manage expenses wisely to create more savings

This relates to the simple principle of ‘Money saved is money earned’. Unwanted expenses always lead to greater financial burden and can upset one’s investment plans over time. So plan your expenses accordingly and go by your plan.

Stay Informed, Stay Focused, Stay Disciplined and be Patient

The financial market is highly volatile and experience unexpected movements owing to market conditions. Staying informed on the market conditions can lead to a being better prepared for your financial and investment needs. Focus on your short-term as well as long-term financial goals. Meet your monthly and yearly payment requirements on time including your taxes and interests if any. Investments are quite a time-taking and testing exercise and hence patience is a great virtue of a good investor. Have patience and stay watchful.

Make Planned Investments in the Right Schemes

This is perhaps the crux of the investment exercise to ensure consistent growth of wealth over time to ensure that the long-term financial dream is realized. So the choice of the right schemes and management of the portfolio of these schemes will have to be carefully chosen and planned with the help of the financial planner. There should be a balance in the schemes so chosen so as to diverse the risk of losing out and minimizing the risk and balancing the gains.

a. SIP in Index Mutual Funds– Start by investing in Index Mutual Funds through SIP, say,  20 percent of the monthly investment. The risk involved is moderate to low and returns are expected at 10-12 percent

b. SIP in Equity mutual Funds– 30 percent of the monthly investment and returns expected at 14-18%. The right equities to pick are large-cap, mid-cap and blue-chip. The associated risk ranges from moderate to high

c. SIP in Balanced Mutual Funds– 30 percent of monthly investment with risk ranging from low to moderate and expected returns of 12-14 percent

d. Investment in Bank Recurring Deposits– 30 percent of monthly investment with an expected annual return of around  7 percent with none to low risk


As considered earlier with a monthly income of INR 60,000 and savings of INR 32,000-35,000, one can invest close to INR 32,000. Given the annual salary increases by 10 percent, one’s savings should gradually increase as well. A consistent increase of 10 percent in the investment amount over a period of 10 years according to the above-mentioned investment plan can help one realize the dream of becoming a crorepati in 10 years time.

Remember, the statistics mentioned above are for reference alone and the market rates will differ from provider to provider. To access a list of hand-picked mutual funds under one umbrella, visit ClearTax.    

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