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Seven hour debate in Parliament on GST Bill starts

Updated on :  

08 min read.

Updates from March 29th, 2017

The marathon seven-hour debate on the GST BIll has just about started in the Lok Sabha. While FM Arun Jaitley has already put forward his reasons for passing the Bill and how it will unify India into a common market, the Congress leaders are not to happy with the Bill in its present form, and the manner of tabling it in Parliament. About 250 clauses in the Bill are up for vote today and the government has asked the Speaker to skip the zero hour in Parliament to expedite the voting.

It is to be noted that the country has already lost INR 12 crores in revenue since the last time that GST was introduced in Parliament. The Congress is also worried about how GST will affect bankers and farmers’ loans, though they are also keen not to appear as anti-GST in any way.

As reported in First Post

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