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GST Collection: All about GST revenue in India

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08 min read.

To run a country, the government requires revenue. The GST collection is one of the primary sources of revenue for the Indian government. As per the Budget 2020-21, Goods and Services Tax accounts for around 28% of the total revenue of the Indian government.

What is GST Collection?

The GST collection trend has been at over Rs.1.4 lakh crore consecutively in the last seven months, however, the GST revenue collection has not crossed the Rs. 1.5-lakh crore mark yet on a regular basis.

The total GST collection in India crossed Rs. 1.5 lakh crores only once in the month of April 2022 when the GST collection of India recorded Rs.1.67 lakh crores. Though the August this year collection of ₹1.43 lakh crore is up 28% year over year. 

Of the total GST collection in the month of August 2022, Central Goods and Service Tax (CGST) was Rs. 24,710 crores, State Goods and Services Tax (SGST) was Rs. 30,951 crores, Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST) was Rs. 77,782 crores (inclusive of Rs. 42,067 crores which were collected on import of goods) and cess was Rs. 10,168 crores (inclusive of Rs. 1,018 crores that were collected on import of goods).

Contribution to GST Revenue from Various Business Types

GST collection sector has been provided by the government yet, however, below is the collection breakup as per the constitution of the business.

Business typePercentage of GST Collection
Public Ltd. Company34.83%
Private Ltd. Company27.94%
Public Sector Undertaking9.64%
Society/ Club/ Trust/ AOP1.38%
Limited Liability Partnership1.18%
Government Department0.99%
Statutory Body0.38%
Foreign Company0.38%
Hindu Undivided Family0.25%
Local Authority0.21%
Unlimited Company0.01%
Foreign Limited Liability Partnership0.00%
Any other body notified by committee0.00%

GST Collection in previous years (2017 onwards till 2022)

YearGST Collection (Rs. In Crores)
FY 2017-187,19,078
FY 2018-1911,77,370
FY 2019-2012,22,117
FY 2020-2111,36,803
FY 2021-2214,76,000

GST Collection Comparison

Below is a graph detailing the GST revenue collection for YTD Aug’22 by states.

gst collections
Source: GSTN

GST Collection Statistics

Public listed companies total just 0.62% of the entire taxpayer base but contribute roughly 35.29% of the total GST revenues. On the other side, proprietorships with a maximum of 80.18% taxpayer base contribute roughly 13.35% of the total revenue from GST. The contributions of public sector undertakings were also significant as they comprised only 0.02% of the taxpayer base but contributed 9.12% of the total GST revenue. For more GST statistics, refer to the GST statistics on the GST portal.

FAQ on GST Collection

How much GST did the government collect in September 2022?

The GST revenue collection for the month of August 2022 was Rs. 1,47,686 crores of which CGST was Rs. 25,271 crores, SGST was Rs. 31,813 crores, IGST was Rs. 80,464 crores (inclusive of Rs. 41,215 crores which were collected on import of goods) and cess was Rs. 10,137 crores (inclusive of Rs. 856 crores which were collected on import of goods).

Who can collect GST?

A supplier of goods or services who makes a supply of goods or/and services with an aggregate turnover of exceeding Rs. 20 lakhs in the financial can collect GST. In special category states, this aggregate turnover is set at Rs. 10 lakhs.