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GSTN releases the New Return Prototype – demoofflinetool.gst.gov.in

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GSTN releases the New Return Prototype

The tedious task of filing your GST returns is now going to get simpler. The GST Network (GSTN) aims to introduce a new return filing system (GST 2.0) by April 2020. A demo version of the prototype has already been launched. So how will this new return filing system impact a user? How does it function? Read the following article to find out all this information and more.

Latest Updates

14th March 2020*
The new GST return system will be implemented from October 2020.
The present return filing system (GSTR-1, 2A & 3B) will continue until September 2020.
*Subject to CBIC notification

What is this New Return Prototype all about?

GSTN has come up with a web-based prototype which is an interactive demo version of the “Offline Tools of New Return”. Since this is an interactive prototype, it will allow a user to navigate between various pages and use several functionalities like invoice upload, drop-down menus, purchase register upload for matching with inward supplies (system-created), etc.

The new return system will replace GSTR-3B, GSTR-1; this user-friendly prototype will give the user a feel of how the tool will look like. Stakeholders can also share their feedback on the prototype before it goes live.

What is the objective of this prototype?

  • To obtain suggestions and feedback from the users.
  • To familiarize the users with the new return system.
  • To assist in the implementation of simplified GST return filing.

How will this new return system function?

As per the new GST return filing system, a common taxpayer will need to file the Form GST RET-1 (Normal) or the Form GST RET-2 (Sahaj) or the Form GST RET-3 (Sugam) either on a monthly or a quarterly basis. A taxpayer will need to file Annexure of supplies (GST ANX-1) and Annexure of Inward Supplies (GST ANX-2) as a part of these returns.

GST ANX-1 will include all outward supplies, GST ANX-2 will contain all inward supplies. All details concerning the inward supplies will be “auto-populated” from the GST ANX-1 which was filed by the supplier.

What else you need to know about this prototype?

  • As this is a demo version and not the real tool, a user can key in data, but it will not get saved.
  • The prototype will only be a screen layout of the Offline Tool meant for viewing and familiarising a user.
  • It contains a group of screens which will be made accessible in the actual Offline Tool which will soon be deployed on the GST portal.
  • Some of the sample data will be pre-populated for familiarisation and view purposes.
  • The values a user enters in the prototype screens might not match with the calculated summary displayed on the summary screens.
  • This prototype will not perform addition/subtraction or any other arithmetic calculation.
  • Certain features of the real-time tool will not be accessible to a user within this prototype. These features can be related to saving data, downloading and uploading JSON to the GST portal, and associated error rectification, etc.

Do you have suggestions? Here’s where you can share them

This web-based prototype allows businesses to experience and analyse the practical aspects of the new return filing system. Also, users can provide their feedback and suggestions they might have via feedback.newreturn@gstn.org.in. For more details on how to use this prototype, you can click here.

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