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How to request for a refund reissue?

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08 min read.

A refund from the income tax department scheduled to be paid in a particular assessment year (AY) may fail to get credited to your bank account for various reasons. A few of the reasons for the failure of the refund getting credited in your account could be:

  • In case the bank account is not pre-validated. It is now compulsory to pre-validate your bank account from the assessment year (AY) 2022-23
  • The name mentioned in the bank account does not match with PAN card details. For example, in case your bank account was opened providing the Aadhaar card as proof, there is a possibility that it mentions your middle name as well, while on the PAN card such detail is not stated
  • In case of an invalid IFSC code. For example, a bank might have undergone a merger and there has been a change in the IFSC code, but you have failed to update the same.
  • There is also a possibility that the account that you have mentioned has been closed

How to Conduct a Pre-validation Check of Bank Account

  • On the ‘Dashboard’ tab, choose ‘Bank Account’ and click on ‘Update’
  • You will be directed to a page ‘My Bank Accounts’
  • In case your bank account is validated, you will see the green tick with ‘validated’ mentioned

How to Make a Refund Re-issue Request Online

There are two ways in which you can request for a refund reissue from the income tax department.

Method 1

  • Log in to the income tax portal: www.incometax.gov.in
  • Click on ‘Services’ tab and select ‘Refund Reissue’ from the drop-down menu
  • Click on the ‘Refund Reissue Request’ button (this tab will get active only in the case of accounts where the refund to a taxpayer has failed).
  • Choose the ‘Create Refund Reissue Request’ option. Tick the box and confirm the acknowledgement number and press ‘Continue’.
  • Check the ‘Bank Name’ where you expect the refund amount. Tick the box and click on ‘Proceed To Verification’. 

Note: Refund amount will be received only in a validated bank account with a status mentioned as validated.

  • You require to provide your current account number as well as IFSC code.
  • e-Verify with the Aadhaar OTP or digital signature certificate (DSC)
  • A message ‘Submitted Successfully’ will pop up with ‘Transaction ID’
  • Click on ‘View Refund Reissue Requests’

Method 2

  • Go to ‘Dashboard’, click on the ‘Pending Actions’
  • ‘Refund remain unpaid’ option will open, click on ‘Refund Reissue’
  • You will be directed to a page where you have to ‘Create a Refund Reissue Request’

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What happens in case an individual fails to verify the income tax return (ITR) within 120 days of uploading the ITR on the e-Filing portal?

In such a case, your return is treated as not filed. All the consequences related to not filing of the ITR under the Income-tax Act, 1961 (ITA) will get applicable. However, you have the option to submit a valid reason and it is possible for you to request condonation of delay in verification. It is after the submission of such a request that you will be able to verify your return. However, the income tax authority needs to approve the condonation request, it is only then the return will be treated as valid.

  • For an ITR refund, is it necessary to mention the bank account details only of an assessee or is it possible to provide a pre-validated bank account number of another person as well?

Yes, it is possible to provide the pre-validated bank account details of another individual. The only condition is that the name mentioned in the bank account details as well as on the PAN card should match exactly.

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