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How to e- verify your return using Demat Account

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Once you have successfully filed your income tax return, the next step is to verify it. The Income Tax Department starts processing your return when it is verified. The Income Tax department has given the option of verifying the return either electronically or physically (i.e by sending signed ITR-V to Centralized Processing Center (CPC) in Bangalore). The following are the ways for e-verifying the return online –

  1.      Aadhaar OTP
  2.      Net-banking
  3.      Bank Account
  4.      Demat Account

E-verification of the return is done by generating an Electronic Verification Code(EVC). The EVC is a 10 digit alphanumeric code which is sent to a registered mobile number to verify the identity of the taxpayer.

Steps to e-verify the income tax return using Demat  Account :

Step 1: Visit income tax e-filing website. Login to your account. If you do not have an account, then first register yourself.

Step 2: After logging in, select View Returns/Forms .


Step 3 :The following screen will appear. Select “Click here to view your returns pending    for e-verification” tab to view  the returns that are pending for verification. Then click on e-verify button.


Step 4: The following screen will appear. Select option 4 -Generate EVC through Demat Account Number.

e- verify

Step 5: To generate EVC, you first need to pre-validate your Demat account. If the Demat account is not already pre-validated,the following screen will appear. Click “Prevalidate your Demat Account”


Step 6: If the Depository Type is selected as NSDL, enter the DP Id, Client ID, Mobile Number, Email id and click Prevalidate.  If the Depository Type is selected as CDSL, enter the Demat Account Number, Mobile Number, Email id and Click “Prevalidate”.


Step 7: On Pre-validation, the success page appears. Click “Yes” to generate EVC.EVC will be sent to the mobile number validated with the bank .


Step 8: Enter EVC number and click Submit.


Step 9:  Success message  “Return successfully e-verified” will be displayed on the screen. Download the Acknowledgement’. This acknowledgement will also be sent to your registered email id. You have successfully e-filed and e-verified your income tax return.

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