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The objective of introducing Eway bill is to allow a common permit for movement of goods throughout the country. is the official government portal or site to generate, manage and cancel Eway bills. This is a common web portal to be used across India by all taxpayers and transporters who want to generate Eway bills.

Earlier the portal functioned on ewaybill.nic.inGST Council instructed to re-direct the same on a new This portal is maintained by NIC earlier operated as

Latest Update as on 23rd March 2018

    1. Inter-state implementation of e-way bill is notified to be implemented from 1st April 2018.
    2. As per the 26th GST Council Meet held on 10th Mar 2018, Intra-state implementation of Eway Bill to kick-off from 15th April 2018* in a phased manner. States to be divided into 4 lots to execute this phased rollout.

*Will come into effect once notified by CBEC has undergone a lot of changes since its institution last year and a lot more is expected in the coming days once EWay bill implementation kicks off full-fledgedly.

The Main/Homepage looks as displayed below: - Eway Bill Portal

Any user needs to broadly know the following on the  Eway bill portal   :

  1. Homepage tabs
  2. Registration
  3. Login
  4. Services available after logging into EWay bill portal

Home Page Tabs:

The following Tabs can be found on the main page without the user logging in:

  1. Laws
  2. How to Use
  3. Search
  4. Contact us
  5. Registration
  6. Login

Let’s check what’s covered under each of them.

1. ‘Laws’:

The user may select either Rules, Forms, Notifications and Circulars from the drop-down list.

A user can refer to the Eway bill rule 138,138A, 138B, 138C and 138D by selecting ‘Rules’ button.

The format of various forms governing Eway bill rules such as EWB-01, EWB-02, EWB-03 and EWB-04 may be referred to by selecting ‘Forms’ button. Latest notifications & Circulars on Eway bill are also available for reference on this page.

2. ‘How to use’:

Most important button you can find under this Tab is ‘Tools-> Bulk generation Tools’ under which user can find & download the Excel templates, Excel to JSON conversion tool and JSON sample files that can be filled up and uploaded on the portal for Bulk generation for Eway bills or for Bulk updation of transporter details.

User can also find the step-by-step guides on how to use the e way bill portal in the form of written manuals and CBT( Videos). NIC also has clarified through frequently asked questions on Eway bills about the issues faced by the user while using the Eway bill portal.

Written manuals include how to use the web system, SMS system, Bulk generation system and API system.

3. ‘Search’:

User can track/search for the following :

(a) Tax payers registered under GST using a GSTIN

(b) Transporters using GSTIN or their transporter ID

(c) Product through HSN Code or Name

(d) State/UT-wise notifications issued for implementing E way bills within respective States/UT

(e) Print E-way bills by entering the E way bill number, date of generation, mentioning whether generated by supplier/ transporter/recipient and the Document number

4. Contact us

You can find the contact details of region-wise helpdesk to resolve your Eway bill portal queries.

5. Registration

A new user may register on the eway bill portal by clicking Registration on the Home page tabs. Drop-down appears with options for e-way bill registration available for normal GST registered user, Enrollment for transporters and Enrolment for citizens. - Eway Bill Portal

Supplier/ Recipient/ Transporter registered under GST can register on the E-way bill portal by clicking on the link ‘e-Way Bill Registration’ available under ‘Registration’ on home page tab.

Prerequisites for registering on e-way bill portal are :

  • GSTIN of the registered taxpayer/ transporter, if registered and
  • Registered Mobile number with the GST system

GST registered users can update themselves as Transporters after logging in by clicking ‘Update’-> ‘As Transporter’ that appears on the left hand side panel on the home page. The GSTIN becomes the Transporter ID/TransGSTIN.

Whereas the GST unregistered Transporters also must enrol themselves on the e-way bill portal by clicking on ‘Enrolment for Transporters’. This way he shall be allotted the Transporter ID.

Any customer who is not registered under GST but has to generate EWay bill as per EWay bill rules, must enrol himself as Citizen and get Unique login ID to generate EWay bill. However, ‘Enrolment for citizens’ window has not been enabled so far.

6. Login

The following login window appears once the user accesses the portal: - Eway Bill Portal

To Login, user needs:

A) User ID must contain the following:
-8 characters but not exceeding 15 characters
-alphabets (A-Z/az), numerals (0-9) and special characters (@, #, $, %, &, *, ^)

B) A password should be of at least 8 characters

A user may click on ‘Forgot Password’/ ‘Forgot User ID’/’Forgot TransID’ just in case he forgets Login credentials

Services available after logging into e-way bill portal:

On logging into the e-way bill portal, User can find his GSTIN, Legal Name and Type of user whether as Taxpayer/transporter as the case may be, appeared on the Dashboard.

-Notifications panel appears on the right-hand side of the Eway bill portal giving latest updates on GST portal, notifications on EWay bills.

-Useful Stats: User can find different tiles giving the number of Eway bills generated, rejected and canceled.

-Services: A registered user can find the following services available on the left-hand side of his dashboard as follows:

  • e-Waybill- The drop down box covers the following options
    1. Generate New: Click on this to generate a new e-way bill by filing up details on the screen that appears.
    2. Generate Bulk: Generate multiple e-way bills in a single click by uploading the filled up JSON file.
    3. Update Part-B/Vehicle: User can change the details of conveyance or may change the mode of transportation of goods by clicking on this button.
    4. Update Vehicle-Bulk: User has to download the standard template and update the Eway bill number and the altered details of transportation. Upload this file by clicking this button.
    5. Extend Validity: User can use the EWay bill number and extend the validity period of the Eway bill but by at least four hours before the expiry of the Eway bills.
    6. Update EWB Transporter:  Transporter can assign another transporter by updating the transporter ID. Seller/ recipients cannot re-assign once transporter uses this facility.
    7. Cancel: e-way bills generated can be cancelled within 24 hours by the generator on clicking this button and entering the EWay bill number.
    8. Print EWB: Enter the Unique ID (In case of filing Part-A) / EWay bill number to print. Note that bulk printing is not enabled so far.
  • Consolidated EWB: The drop-down box covers the following options:
    1. Generate New: Click on this to generate a new Consolidated e-way bill by entering all the EWay bill numbers against which you generate a consolidated Eway bill.
    2. Generate Bulk: Generate multiple Consolidated e-way bills in a single shot by uploading the filled up JSON file.
    3. Re-generate: Update/change the transport details using this option.
    4. Print Consolidated EWB: Enter the Consolidated Eway bill number and print the same.
  • Reject: A user may reject the EWay bills generated against him by any person within 72 hours of its generation or within the actual delivery of goods whichever earlier.
  • Reports: User can find several types of reports like Outward supplies, inward supplies, separate reports of Eway bills/consolidated generated or canceled or rejected by a user/ by others on user’s GSTIN are available Date-wise, report on assigned transporters giving the transporter details and Summary reports available date-wise.
  • My Masters: Users can create a master list of Suppliers, registered customers or clients, Products offered, transporters either one-by-one or in bulk using excel template.
  • User management: Large Business Houses can utilize this facility giving access to their multiple Branches/Warehouse established within the State/UT where business is established to manage Away bills independently. The main user can create or freeze sub-users or change their access controls or also reset the password.
  • Registration: User has to select this to register for the SMS facility or the Android application to generate Eway bills on mobile devices. A user intending to be a GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) to provide EWay bill services may register on this window.
  • Update: GST registered users can declare themselves as a transporter in this window and obtain unique transporter ID. Also, users can update profile details by selecting ’My GSTIN from CP’
  • Grievance: Users can access their detention reports if any under this window, by entering the EWay bill number.

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