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Gumasta license – Registration Process, Documents Required, Advantages

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08 min read.

Gumasta License is a mandatory registration required for doing any kind of business in the state of Maharashtra. Gumasta license is the license obtained under the Shops and Establishment Act of Maharashtra. Every person who establishes a business needs to obtain the license under the Shops and Establishment Act of that respective state.

Each state has its own Shop and Establishment Act. Thus, the shop and establishment licence varies from state to state. The general provisions of this Shop and Establishment Act across all states remains the same. However, the business owner needs to obtain the license under the Shops and Establishment Act of the state in which he carries on business.

Gumasta License

Gumasta License is a registration required for doing any kind of business in the state of Maharashtra. It is governed by the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai under the Maharashtra Shops and Establishment Act. This is a certificate which provides you the authority to do your business at a particular place. This license is a basic requirement for any business to be recognized by Government or Bank for all business irrespective of whether it is done by a single person or big organization.

Obtaining Gumasta ensures your business can be developed without many complications and it is very important for opening a current account or obtaining any loan from the bank. Without this license in the Maharashtra State, obtaining GST registration is not possible.

Steps to be followed for Registration under Shop and Establishment Act

  • This registration form can be applied through the website – https://lms.mahaonline.gov.in/
  • Create a new account under ‘Create Employer User Account’ by providing the e-mail id, password and other information.
  • After the creation of the account, log in to the account on the
    https://lms.mahaonline.gov.in/ website.
  • Click on the ‘Shops and Establishment Registration’ tab on the left side of the page and click on ‘Registration Form A’ under it.
  • Fill in the ‘Registration Form A’, upload documents, pay the fees online and submit it.
  • Once the form is approved, the Registration Certificate will be sent by e-mail or it can be downloaded by logging into the website and clicking on ‘Download Registration Certificate’ on the right side of the screen.

Registration Certificate has to be submitted to the Area Inspector within 30 days of starting the business.

Documents Required to obtain a Gumasta License

Listed below are the documents required for the registration, apart from the general documents there are certain specific documents required to be submitted for Partnership and Company which are separately mentioned below:

General/Sole ProprietorshipPartnershipPrivate Company
Aadhar card/ Pan Card/ photoPartnership DeedMemorandum and Article Of association
Address proof (like Electricity bill)Partnership Firm’s PanCertificate of Incorporation
Application Letter in the prescribed formatPartner’s ID proof – Address and IdentityCompany Director’s ID proof – Address and Identity
Authority letter for businessPrescribed Fees for a partnership Firm
Proof of ownership of Property

Advantages of Applying for Gumasta License

Listed below are some of the benefits which small business can attain by registering for Gumasta license:

  • Once you register for Gumasta license, you can avail for all the benefits and tax subsidies from the Maharashtra State Government available for this scheme.
  • It serves as a proof of legal entity which gives you the right to conduct business in the Maharashtra State.
  • Any business would require a business bank account to collect money from customers. Most banks demand the Gumasta license as proof of identity to open a business bank account.
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