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Sometimes navigating and uploading a TDS return on the TRACES portal is difficult for some of the taxpayers. Therefore, to ease the process the income tax department has provided for uploading the return on their website http://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/.

Before you start uploading the return you must ensure the following:

  1. You must hold a valid TAN and it should be registered for e-filing
  2. Your TDS statements should be prepared using Return Preparation Utility (RPU) and validated using File Validation Utility (FVU)
  3. You can prepare your returns in an easy manner using ClearTDS
  4. You should have a valid DSC registered for e-filing if you wish to upload using DSC
  5. The principal contact’s bank account or demat account details should be provided or the principal contact’s PAN should be linked with Aadhar if you wish to upload using EVC

Here is a step-by-step guide on uploading TDS statements on the income tax website:

Step 1: Go to http://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/ and click on ‘Login Here’.


Step 2: Enter your login credentials and click on ‘Login’. Your user ID will be your TAN.

file TDS returns

Step 3: Once you’ve logged in, click on the ‘Upload TDS’ option under the TDS tab.

file TDS returns

Step 4: You will be provided with a form where you will need to select the correct details. Once the details are selected, click on Validate.

file TDS returns

Note that TDS statements can be uploaded only from FY2010-11 and only regular statements can be uploaded on the income tax website.

Step 5: The return can be validated through the following modes:

Step 5a: Validate using DSC.

The TDS statements can be uploaded using either DSC or EVC. to upload using DSC, first upload the TDS zip file and also attach the digital signature file. Then, click on Upload.

file TDS returns

file TDS returns

Once the TDS statement is uploaded, a success message will appear on the screen and a confirmation mail will be sent to your registered email ID.

file TDS returns

Step 5b: Validate using EVC.

After step 4, if you haven’t generated a DSC, you will be able to validate the TDS statements using an electronic verification code (EVC). Upload the TDS zip file and click on ‘Click here to E-verify’.

file TDS returns

The next screen will give you the option to use an EVC already generated or generate a new EVC.

file TDS returns

Select the relevant option, enter the EVC and click on ‘Submit’.

file TDS returns

For any further queries or help, reach out to us at tds@cleartax.in.

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