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A deducter can check the status of a challan on the TRACES website when the challan is either unclaimed or claimed. The challan status can be viewed using either the BIN or CIN details or by the period of payment.

Here is a step-by-step process to view challan status on TRACES.

Step 1:

Login to TRACES


Step 2:

Once you have logged in, you will see the Statement/Payment link in the top menu. Open the drop-down menu from this link and click on Challan status.

TRACES Challan Status

Step 3 (Using CIN):

To view the challan status using CIN, select the CIN option, choose Period of Payment and click on Go to proceed further.

TRACES Challan Status CIN

The next screen will list of the challans with information on their status.

TRACES Challan status

Step 3 (Using BIN):

To view the challan status using BIN, select the BIN option, choose Period of Payment and click on Go.

TRACES BIN Consumption

In the next screen, enter the BIN details.

View BIN Consumption

Once the details are entered, you will be able to click on View Consumption Details to view the Amount Consumption Details.

View BIN Consumption


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