Basic Salary - How to Calculate Basic Salary With Example, Factors and Components of Salary

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Updated on: May 10th, 2024


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Basic salary is an essential component of salary packages. Understanding basic salary is crucial for both employees and employers, as it helps to form the basis for various financial calculations and decisions. This article explains everything you need to know about basic salary, including its definition, significance, calculation methods, and important factors to consider.

What is Basic Salary?

The basic salary is a fixed portion of the employee’s salary. It does not include allowances, bonuses, benefits, perks or any other compensation received from the employer.

It is generally fixed depending on the employee's designation. The basic salary is increased depending on the employee's performance; otherwise, it remains fixed.

It is a predictable and fixed source of income for any employee. It also forms the major component of the employee's taxable income.

Calculation of Basic Salary

The basic salary is calculated after deducting all allowances, benefits, bonuses, etc., from the Gross salary. It is also important to remember that the money an employee receives as compensation for working overtime is not included in the basic salary. 

How to Calculate Basic Salary from Gross Salary with Example

Gross Salary means the total salary the employee receives, including all the allowances, benefits, bonuses, etc.

Hence, to calculate the basic salary from the Gross salary, we must deduct all allowances, benefits, bonuses, etc.

The formula for calculating basic salary from gross salary would be:

Basic Salary = Gross Salary - (All the allowances + benefits + bonuses, etc.)

Example: Mr A receives a Gross salary of Rs. 10,00,000, out of which allowances amount to Rs. 1,00,000, a bonus amounts to Rs. 1,50,000, and overtime pay amounts to Rs. 50,000.

We can use the above formula to find out Mr. A's basic salary.

Basic Salary = Gross Salary - (All the allowances + benefits + bonuses, etc.)

I.e., Basic Salary = 10,00,000 - (1,00,000 + 1,50,000 + 50,000), which is equal to Rs. 7,00,000 and hence the basic salary of Mr A is Rs. 7,00,000.

Basic Salary Percentage

The basic salary percentage is generally 50% of the Cost to Company (CTC). Many of the components, such as gratuity, HRA, etc., are often calculated based on the percentage of basic salary. Hence, it is beneficial for the basic salary to be at least 50% of the CTC. 

Factors Affecting Basic Salary

The following factors affect the basic salary:

  • Company policies: Every company has different policies regarding the pay scale, depending on the individual's designation and skillset.
  • Location: The company's location also plays a vital role in affecting an individual's pay, as demand and supply vary from one region to another.
  • Industry: The salary can vary across different industries. Industries with lesser demand may offer higher salaries.
  • Experience: The individual's experience in the particular job designation also plays a vital role in determining the individual's salary.

Different Components of a Salary Structure

The salary structure consists of different components, they are:

Basic Salary: Basic salary is the fixed component of the salary structure. It is the guaranteed amount that you will receive. It does not include any allowances or bonuses. It is often used as a base to calculate other benefits.

Allowances: Allowances are additional benefits offered to employees to cover certain expenses incurred while carrying out their work. Examples include HRA(House rent allowance), Dearness allowance, and Medical allowance.

Bonus: A bonus is a one-time payment paid to an employee when a target is achieved or a goal is met. Examples include annual bonuses, Performance bonuses, and Sign-on bonuses.

Perquisite: The term perquisite means some extra benefit in addition to the amount that may be legally due by way of contract for services rendered. In recent times, the salary package includes perquisites like housing accommodation, Car, etc.

Stock options: They are a form of compensation given by the companies to their employees. They give an employee the right to buy a number of shares of the company at a pre-detrmined price which is lower than the market price.

Retirement benefits: The retirement benefits mainly include the employees’ leave encashment (employees are allowed to accumulate leaves and exchange them for cash on their retirement), retirement gratuity, and the amount that they were contributing to their provident fund account throughout their service.

Additions to Basic Salary?

The various components that are generally added to the basic salary are:

  • Allowances like dearness allowance, House rent allowance, etc.
  • Bonus
  • Commission
  • Perquisites
  • Employee stock options(ESOP)
  • Overtime pay

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Cost to Company (CTC)?

Cost to the Company is the total expenditure the company incurs on an employee throughout the year. It includes all the additional benefits in addition to your gross salary. It includes both direct and indirect benefits given by the employer to an employee.

What is the difference between CTC and Gross salary?

CTC includes everything a company spends on an employee such as salary, allowances, benefits, bonuses and contributions to statutory funds. Gross salary refers to the salary earned by the employee before any deductions or taxes.

Gross salary = CTC - Employer’s Contribution to PF - Gratuity.

Are allowances added to basic salary taxable?

The taxability of allowances varies depending on their nature. The Income-tax Act, 1961 divides allowances into three types: taxable, partially exempt, and fully exempt.

Is basic salary taxable?

Yes, the basic salary is always taxable.

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