Why is a change in filing type of any GSTR required?

Earlier filing of GSTR 1 was to be filed monthly by all the taxpayers. Now GSTR 1 has to be filed monthly/ quarterly on the basis of the annual turnover. Monthly- If Annual Turnover is up to Rs 1.5 crore Quarterly- If Annual Turnover is more Rs 1.5 crore or Annual Turnover is up                         to Rs 1.5 crore but opted for monthly filing of GSTR 1 Hence to give effect to this change in filing type, a change in filing type on ClearTax is also required To know about due date of GSTRs click here

How to change filing type of GSTR?

  • Log in to your account in ClearTax
  • Click on ‘Change now’
  • Alternatively, Click on ‘Settings’. Here you can change your filing type
  • Click on ‘Edit Profile/ Filing Type’
  • The following options have been provided
a) Regular Monthly- To opt for monthly filing of GSTR 1 b) Regular Quarterly-To opt for quarterly filing of GSTR 1 c) Composition Scheme- If you are a composition dealer, you have to file            GSTR 4, select this option for enabling GSTR 4
  • Click on ‘Save’
  • As you can see on you ‘All Business’ dashboard the filing type has been changed.
  • The returns format will now be available on the basis of filing type chosen by you