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Form 32: LLP Form for filing rectification of defects or incompleteness

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08 min read.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is a form of business which combines the benefit of limited liability in a company and the flexibility of a partnership business. Among the various procedural formalities to be followed by the LLP filing of documents with the registrar assumes importance.

What is Form 32?

Every document that is required to be filed by the LLP shall be done in a computer-readable electronic form through the MCA website or through any website approved by the Central Government. All the information provided in the e-form has to be complete and accurate. If the form is awaiting user clarification, Form No 32 has to be filed. This form is used for the purpose of rectification of defects or incompleteness. This form cannot be filed under straight through the processor in a situation where it is not pending for user clarification.

Procedure to fill Form 32

Here is the procedure to fill Form 32:

1. S no. 1: The service request number of the form to which an addendum is being filed should be entered.

2. S no. 2,3: On entering the correct service request number, the date, form number, the Limited Liability Partnership Identification Number/Foreign Limited Liability Partnership Identification Number/Corporate Identity Number shall be pre-filled.

3. S no. 4: In case of an existing LLP- the name, registered address(principal place of business in India in case of Foreign LLP) and email ID of the LLP/Company will be displayed by the system. If there is any change in the email id the same shall be entered. In a situation that the SRN pertains to the incorporation form of the company the approved name of the proposed LLP shall be mentioned.

In case of an LLP yet to be the incorporated-The name and email id of the person filing the form has to be entered.

4. S no. 5: The defect pointed out/further information asked for by the registrar/competent authority shall be automatically displayed which shall be rectified.

5. S no. 6: The type of document attached shall be selected from the drop-down box.

6. The form shall be digitally signed by the signatories according to the relevant form pertaining to which this form is being filed. Any of the relevant signatories are authorised to sign this form. It shall not be necessary for the person who has signed the relevant form only to sign this form.

7. Relevant particulars of the Designated Partner(in case of LLP) and Authorised Representative (in case of Foreign LLP) i.e Designated Partner Identification Number or Income Tax PAN shall be entered.

8. The following are the details of people authorised to sign along with the particulars to be mentioned:

DesignationParticulars to be mentioned
Director/Managing DirectorDirector Identification Number
ManagerIncome Tax PAN
SecretaryMembership Number/Income tax PAN
LLP AdministratorIncome Tax PAN
PartnerDirector Identification Number/Income Tax PAN/Passport number of partner
Cost Accountant/Chartered Accountant in whole-time practiceMembership Number

9. In case the form pertaining to which an addendum is being filed has to be certified by a Chartered Accountant/Cost Accountant/Company Secretary in full-time practice then this form shall also be certified by either of the professionals mentioned above. Whether the member is an associate/fellow shall be indicated and the membership number/certificate of practice number shall be indicated.

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