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A Simple and Easy Way to Operate e-Invoice in Tally

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Are you a Tally user and worried about complying with e-invoicing through Tally?. Don’t worry, ClearTax presents you the best e-invoicing tally connector, allowing a user to easily generate & manage e-invoice in Tally. ClearTax e-invoicing tally connector is a 100% native solution, and you can integrate with Tally in 7 minutes. It is absolutely affordable, and it also helps in robust error handling.

Latest Update

30th June 2021
The CBIC has issued a notification seeking to waive the penalty imposed on non-compliance of dynamic QR code provisions for B2C invoices between 1st December 2020 and 30th September 2021.

1st June 2021
CBIC has notified vide Central Tax Notification no.23 dated 1st June 2021 that the e-invoicing system shall not apply to a government department and local authority.

30th March 2021

The CBIC has issued a notification seeking to waive the penalty imposed on non-compliance of dynamic QR code provisions for B2C invoices between 1st December 2020 and 30th June 2021, provided the said person complies with the provisions of the said notification from 1st July 2021.

How to generate e-invoice in Tally?

First of all, the user has to install ClearTax e-invoicing tally connector and go to the following path to generate the e-invoice in the Tally:


Tally ERP > Gateway of Tally > Select “ClearTax” module > Select “B2B e-invoice” module > Select “e-invoice register” Step 2:

Select the invoice by clicking the space bar or control+space bar for selecting all.

  • Click on Gen IRN ( Ctrl E ) to generate the IRN or
  • Gen EWB (Ctrl+G) to generate both IRN and EWB together.

It is to be noted that the user can generate EWB along with IRN, only if EWB details are entered while creating a B2B invoice. Otherwise, you can generate IRN and then add EWB details to generate EWB.


In case you have selected multiple documents, then the progress bar will appear showing you the status of your request.


How to check the status of e-invoice in Tally?

You will get the status of the request once the e-invoice generation process is completed. The e-invoice solution will highlight each document with colour, and here is the meaning of each colour.



GREEN colour

Both IRN and EWB have been Generated

BLUE colour

Only IRN has been generated

RED colour

There was some error. Error details will be displayed

BLACK colour

No action taken


How to rectify an error while generating e-invoice in Tally?

If you have any failed invoice, it will be reflected in RED colour. Open the failed invoice to check the error message. You have to correct the data and try to generate IRN again.


How to cancel e-invoice (IRN) or e-way bill in Tally?

Select the invoice and then press Ctrl+C (Cancel IRN) to cancel the e-invoice (IRN). Also, to cancel the e-invoice (IRN) and e-way bill, select the invoice and then press Ctrl+W (Cancel EWB).


How to print e-invoice in Tally?

Open the invoice and click on the Alt+P (Print) with preview option. Then it will show the invoice with the IRN number and QR code.


How to get e-invoice reports in Tally?

The user can access the following reports in the path: Gateway of Tally > ClearTax > B2B e-invoice

  • e-Invoices Generated – List of all the IRNs and EWBs generated
  • e-Invoice Pending – List of all the IRNs and EWBs that have been cancelled
  • e-Invoices Cancelled – List of all the documents that are pending for action
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