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Recently, some taxpayers, CAs and tax professionals have been facing JSON errors while filing GSTR-2. To help you solve this issue, we have put together a simple table that is summarised below. With this table, you can understand the JSON error you are facing and know how to solve it.

Facing JSON errors while uploading invoices to the GST Portal to file GSTR 2?

Read on to make your GSTR-2 filing easy!

Error numberMessage from GSTNMeaning / Description of the Error
RET291190Checksum mismatch. Unable to process.According to GSTN, you are trying to save your GSTR-2 based on old data. Please download your GSTR-2A, reconcile and save it again.
RET291107Invoice No.(s) 1 already exist in GSTR 1 or 5 of 072017According to GSTN, you need to change your invoice number because supplier has already used that invoice number for something else.

However, you can claim ITC provisionally. You need to modify the invoice number and upload again.
RET291109The GSTIN of supplier is invalid. The supplier's GSTIN you mentioned in your invoice is wrong.

Please enter the correct GSTIN of your supplier. Use this link to find the right GSTIN.
RET291106Error in Json structure validationPlease send an email to with the JSON you downloaded on the previous page.
RET291252Receiver is not allowed to accept modified invoices/notes.According to GSTN, this invoice was earlier modified and then accepted. The GSTN does not allow you to accept immediately after you modify the invoice.

If you just want to accept the Supplier’s values:
1. Go to GSTN. 2. Reject this invoice. 3. Upload it again.
RET291206Invalid Eligibility type.This error happens if you changed Place of Supply in the invoice.

Please reach out to if you see this error.
RET291241Invalid UQC valueYou may have entered a UQC value that is not accepted. GSTN accepts UQC only from this list.

Please update the UQC as per the above list and upload again.
RET291113Date is invalid. Date of invoice is prior to the date of registration of the receiver.This happens when the date mentioned in your invoice is before the date you registered under GST.

Please change the date and upload again.
RET291119Duplicate invoice XXX found in payload. Please correct it.Please reach out to
RET291240If PoS and Receiver States are Different then Eligibility Should be None.As per GST law, you cannot claim ITC if place of supply mentioned in the invoice is NOT same as your GSTIN State,

You have two options:
You can edit the ITC to be ineligible and upload again.
If you wish to potentially claim the credit provisionally, you should reject this invoice and then add a new purchase invoice with your state as place of supply. Please ensure you use a different invoice number.
RET291131Date is Invalid. Date of invoice cannot exceed the current tax period and be older than 18 monthsThis happens when your purchase invoice date is not within the return period. For example, if you are filing GSTR 2 for July, the date should be between 1st July and 31st July.

Ensure date mentioned in your purchase invoice is within the return period
RET291114Date is invalid. Date of invoice is prior to the date of registration of the supplierThis happens when the date mentioned in the invoice is before the date the supplier registered under GST
Please change the date and upload again.

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