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All registered taxpayers under GST need to file their annual return in Form GSTR-9C. However, taxpayers are facing problems while filling this form. To avoid these issues including JSON errors, there are certain prerequisites before filing the return:
  1. Use JAVA version 8 and above
  2. Use Excel 2007 and above
  3. Use Excel-Macro enabled
  4. Use Internet Explorer 11 or Edge
Also, while downloading/unzipping GSTR-9C, the user should keep all the folder files including the WS Web file in one folder. The following information reported in GSTR-9C should be the same as in GSTR-9, otherwise, it may cause an error:
  • Turnover
  • Taxable turnover
  • Total amount paid
  • ITC claimed
List of JSON errors while generating and uploading JSON file of GSTR-9C and the solutions for such errors:  
Sr. No. Error Solution
Errors while generating a JSON file
1 Sheet Validation Error Select the option ‘Validate Sheet’ for every part in GSTR-9C
2 OLE Application 1. Exit from all your excel or word files from your system and emsigner. 2. Go to windows > Search for internet option > Security > Custom level > ‘Automatic prompting for Activex control’, make it to ‘Enable’ and download unsigned ‘Activex Control’. 3. Click on ‘Prompt’ then click on ‘OK’. Download the Notepad++ > Go to the utility folder > Right-click on “wsweb.html”—>. 4. Select ‘Edit with Notepad++’ > Select ‘<html>’  tag, give a space after ‘<html>’ tag and then press the backspace button. 5. Save the file before closing it. 6. Restart the system to give the effect of the new settings. 7. Open emsigner again > Open the utility and try to create the JSON file again.
3 Unable to Sign 1. Check the name in DSC thoroughly and the one entered in Part V and Part B(i) or (ii) of GSTR-9C – Offline Utility are the same. 2. Also, write down the membership no. like ‘12345’ instead of ‘012345’. 3. Ensure that the emsigner is active.
Errors while uploading a JSON file
1 Error Occurred 1. It is a system error. Try to reload the file 2-3 times.  2. If the error re-occurs,  prepare the offline utility again and then upload it.
2 Received but Pending 1. It is a system error. Try to reload the file 2-3 times.  2. If the error re-occurs,  prepare the offline utility again and then upload it.
3 Processed with Error 1. Request for a download error report by clicking on the same. 2. Open the error file in GSTR-9C offline utility, and the column with errors can separately be seen in red colour. 3. Resolve the error and re-generate the JSON file. 4. Upload the JSON.
While filing GSTR-9C, taxpayers face issues in uploading their balance sheet and profit and loss account. This is because the files contain keywords such as balance sheet, profit and loss account, etc., which are usually categorised as sensitive information and thus the office firewall denies uploading such files. The taxpayers should use an open network such as the internet to upload the files successfully. Even in case of no qualification, the CA has to enter ‘Nil’ in Part-B of GSTR-9C. Sometimes, the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) does not get displayed even after attaching it to the system. To make the DSC available, the DSC owner has to type ‘′ in the address bar of the browser and click on ‘Proceed to safety’. Sometimes taxpayers are unable to sign the GSTR-9C using emsigner. To avoid this issue, the taxpayers should close all other emsigners and download them from the GST portal and then click on the option of ‘Run as administrator’.

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