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Common errors and solutions in GSTR-3B

Updated on :  

08 min read.

The GST portal has its fair share of glitches and errors faced by taxpayers when filing their returns or making use of the portal to update information regarding the GSTR 3B.

  • Issue or error message: The information provided in the form earlier is not saved properly. Save each section of the form again to proceed with payment.

Reason for error: Data entered in GSTR 3B has expired, and the user is attempting to offset after several days.


  1. Go to the page where all the data is saved and verify the data that’s been entered.
  2. After verification, be sure to “Save GSTR -3B”, resulting in the message “GSTR 3B details saved successfully” being displayed.
  3. Next, select “Make Payment, ” resulting in the offset and have the return ready for filing.
  • Issue or error message: The OTP entered is incorrect or expired.

Reason for error: There are two scenarios where this message is likely to appear-

  1. Where the taxpayer has keyed in the wrong OTP.
  2. The OTP has not been used within 10 minutes of its generation, thus rendering it expired.

Solution: Regenerating the OTP and entering the digits as soon as the OTP message is received will ensure that the OTP does not fail due to the expiry of time. It is always better to enter the digits one by one carefully to avoid entering the incorrect OTP.

  • Issue or error message: Your previous GSTR3B filing request is still in progress. Please wait for the same to complete or raise another request after 10 minutes.

Reason for error: The error message appears when the user attempts to file a Nil GSTR 3B return within 10 minutes of placing a prior request to file the return. If this is allowed, it may lead to a duplication in the return filing.

Solution: 10 minutes is the allotted time for reset as per the GST portal. Once 10 minutes have passed since the previous attempt to file, the user may attempt filing by-

  1. Selecting the period for the return (year and month).
  2. Answering the first question “Yes” on the next page and selecting “Next.”
  3. The filing page is displayed next since it is a Nil return.
  4. The method of filing (EVC or DSC) is chosen, after which the return is filed.
  • Issue or error message: “Authentication has failed at emas”.

Reason for error: This issue crops up while filing the return using the DSC. The error is that the signature may be associated with a different PAN, not the PAN belonging to the authorised signatory.

Solution: When selecting the signatory in the dropdown list, care must be taken to see that the right signatory is chosen, and the same signatory must be chosen on the emSigner tool.

  • Issue or error message: Please offset the CGST credit first before cross utilising SGST credit against IGST tax liability.

Reason for error: The user is not following the rules prescribed by the GSTN when it comes to utilising Input Tax Credit to offset the liability in the return.

Solution: The rules with regard to the cross utilisation of ITC are given under point 2 here.

  • Issue or error message:  Your Save Request for GSTR 3B is already being processed for the current return period.

Reason for error: The save request is already under process, and the user attempts to save the return again.

Solution: The user must wait for the previous save request to be processed. The user cannot request a save for the same return period until this is done.