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A QR code is a quick response code, which is mandatory on all e-invoices to provide simplified access to eligible GST invoices. It is a two-dimensional barcode in a machine-readable format. The government released a QR code verifying app which can be used to verify the authenticity of an e-invoice.

Latest Updates

Update as on 8th March 2021

The CBIC has notified that e-Invoicing will be applicable from 1st April 2021 for businesses with an aggregate turnover of more than Rs.50 crores (in any financial year from FY 2017-18 onwards).

Update as on 29th November 2020 The CBIC issued a notification seeking to waive the penalty imposed on non-compliance of dynamic QR code provisions for B2C invoices between 1st December 2020 and 31st March 2021, provided the eligible registered person complies with these provisions from 1st April 2021. Update as on 10th November 2020
    The taxpayers having an aggregate turnover exceeding Rs.100 crore should implement e-invoicing from 1st January 2021.
Update as on 30th September 2020 Now, the aggregate turnover should be checked from FY 2017-18 till FY 2019-20, for checking the applicability of e-invoicing. Also, the date of implementation of the dynamic QR Code for B2C invoices has been extended until 01.12.2020.

1. Ways to verify the QR code

A QR code contains important invoice details such as the GSTIN of the supplier and buyer, invoice number, date of invoice generation, invoice value, HSN code, unique invoice reference number and the digital signature of IRP. A taxpayer, as well as a tax officer, can validate the details of an invoice through the QR code. There are two ways to verify an e-invoice on the QR code offline app:
  1. Scanning the QR code
  2. Uploading the JSON

2. How to download and install the QR code verifying app

Follow the steps below to download the QR code app:
  1. Visit You will be able to view the screen below: 1
  2. Users should select the type of operating system on their mobile device, whether Android or IOS.
  3. Enter the mobile number and click on ‘Submit’.  The user will receive an OTP on the entered mobile number.
  4. Enter the OTP and verify the same.
  5. On successful validation, the e-invoice system will send a QR code. Verify the App APK to the registered mobile number. A user can download this app and install the APK and verify the QR code.

3. How to use the QR code App

  1. After installing the APK, click on the “verify QR code” button on the app. 2
  2. Scan the QR code on the invoice to get the invoice details as shown below: 3
  3. The second option is to upload the invoice JSON. Click on the “verify signed e-invoice” button on the home screen of the app. 4
  4. Browse the JSON file to upload and to get the invoice details as shown below: 5