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What parameters are CFOs focusing on to avoid GST scrutiny?
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How to Track GST Payment Status & GST Payment Failures

By Annapoorna


Updated on: May 15th, 2024


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This article discusses how to track GST payment status and other problems you may face while filing. For a step-by-step guide on how to pay GST online, please visit our article.

Steps to track GST payment status online before logging

Step 1- Go to the GST portal
gst gov in

To track payment you don’t have to login. On the Dashboard, go to the Services tab>>Payments>>Track Payment Status.

gst payment track

Step 2- Enter in your GSTIN and the CPIN. Upon entering these two details, you will be asked to enter the captcha code and proceed. Click Track Status.
gst payment

The payment status is shown as Paid or Not Paid. 

Step 3- The status of the challan gets displayed for your further action.

Case 1: If status is displayed as ‘PAID’

In this case, the ‘View receipt’ button gets enabled, as shown below.

track gst payment status

The taxpayer can view and download the receipt, after clicking on the ‘View receipt’ button.

You may click on the ‘Download’ button to download the receipt.
download gst payment receipt

Case 2: If status is displayed as ‘NOT PAID’.

You can save an offline copy by clicking on the ‘Download’ button.

download payment receipt

If you want to view the challan click ‘View Challan’. The challan will open as below. You can save an offline copy by clicking  “Download”.

Steps to track GST payment status online after logging

Step 1- Login to the GST portal.

Step 2- Click on the ‘Services’ tab > ‘Payments’ section > ‘Challan History’ option.

Challan History

Step 3- Search by CPIN or by date.

challan history download

List of challans and payment status gets displayed.

Steps to follow if GST Payment Fails

1. I’m confused between CPIN & CIN. Which is which? 

CPIN stands for Common Portal Identification Number whereas CIN stands for Challan Identification Number. The 14-digit CPIN number is generated before payment of GST and the 17-digit CIN number is issued after payment of GST. 

The CPIN is issued at the time generating GST tax challan online. An online GST tax challan can be saved temporarily and edited before generating the final challan. 

After cross-checking, you can submit the challan. On submission, GST Portal generates a challan with a 17-digit unique identity number. This number is CIN. Every CIN is a 17 digit unique code. 

It comprised the 14-digit CPIN along with a 3 digit Bank Code. 

2. My account was debited more than once for the same online transaction. How can I get the debit transaction reversed? 

Situation 1: If both transactions are reflected in the Electronic Cash Ledger, then you must contact the Help Desk using the contact numbers/e-mail IDs given on the GST Portal.

  • Help Desk Number: 0120-4888999
  • Email : helpdesk@gst.gov.in

Situation 2: If the Electronic Cash Ledger has only one transaction amount then it may be a transaction error. You should contact your bank. 

Situation 3: If funds are debited but the CIN is not generated or the CIN is generated but not communicated, then you can use GST PMT-07 to apply to the bank or electronic gateway through the common portal. 

This is available on the GST portal. On the GST Portal go to Services>>User Services>> Grievance/ Complaints. Under ‘Submit Grievance’ select the ‘Grievance Type’. Fill up all the details and submit. 

3. Can I re-initiate the payment for the same challan using another bank account if my transaction failed from one bank? 

Yes. You can use another bank account. 

4. I made an offline payment  (cash/cheque/DD) after the challan expiry date and the bank has accepted it. However, it is showing as ‘Not Paid’ on the GST Portal. What should I do?  

A GST challan is valid for 15 days and gets cancelled automatically after the validity period. The taxpayer has 2 options-

  • Pay GST tax with the challan (with CPIN) within validity period or
  • Request for a fresh GST challan online after entering the necessary data

Since the payment was made after the expiry date, it cannot be updated on the Portal. So, even if the bank has accepted your payment, the same can be rejected by the GST Portal due to this reason. You have to approach the bank and seek a refund for the same. Meanwhile, generate a new challan on the portal. 

5. I paid Rs.5,00,000 through net banking and the amount is deducted from my bank account. However, there was a pop-up message saying the server is down. How can I check if my payment was accepted by the system? 

You can follow these steps- Go to Services >> Payments >> Challan History.

  • If the status shows as  INITIATED, then the payment is still in process.
  • If the status shows FAILED, you will be required to create another challan.

Depending on the status of the challan, the debited amount may either get updated in the Electronic Cash Ledger, or it may be credited back to your bank account. It may take up to 24 hours. 

6. I will pay GST through Over The Counter mode. In whose favour should I issue the cheque? 

Please issue the cheque in favour of  ‘GST Payments’. 

7. I’m paying via a cheque. Where can I fill up the challan? 

For all modes of payment, the challans must be generated online only. For Over the Counter payments (cheque/cash/DD) you must print out of the challan and use the same. Remember,  you cannot fill the challan manually. Only online challans are acceptable. 

8. I have submitted an incorrectly filled challan. How can I edit it? 

If the CPIN is not generated, then you can amend the challan within 7 days from the date of saving the challan for the first time. However, if the CPIN has been generated, then you must create a new challan. The earlier incorrect challan will automatically expire after 15 days. 

9. What is the next step after filling-up a challan? 

After filling-up a challan, you must select a payment mode and then make the payment. Please visit our blog for a step-by-step guide on how to pay GST online. To know about the various ledgers and the payment process please read our article

10. How does a Taxpayer correct a challan that has been submitted incorrectly?

If the CPIN is not produced, the challan amendments can be made within 7 days of the challan being saved for the first time. If the CPIN has been created, the Taxpayer will be required to create a new challan. The previous challan will automatically expire 15 days after the CPIN is created.

11. For the same online transaction, my account was debited more than once. I’m not sure how I’m going to get the debit reversed.

If the total of both transactions appears in the Electronic Cash Ledger, please contact the help desk via the GST portal’s contact numbers/email addresses. If the Electronic Cash Ledger only shows the original transaction number, please contact your bank because it may be a transaction mistake.

Taxpayers may use the Application (GST PMT 07) for Credit of Missing Payment under the Grievance Section of the GST Portal if a CIN is not created but funds are debited or if a CIN is generated but not recorded.

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The article explains how to track GST payment status and address common filing issues. It provides steps for tracking payment status online, clarifies CPIN versus CIN, managing multiple debited transactions, re-initiating payments, and handling payment failures. Useful tips include cheque details, correcting erroneous challans, and payment mode information. It ends with steps for challan filling and the importance of ledgers.

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