GSTR 2A is a return containing details of all the inward supplies, TDS and TCS.

GSTR 2A is auto-populated based on the following –

  • A supplier files his GSTR 1 & 5 and enters B2B transaction details
  • ITC distributed by ISD while filing GSTR 6
  • TDS and TCS details based on GSTR 7 & 8 filed by dealers who deducted TDS/ TCS.

How to file GSTR 2A?

Here is a step by step guide on how to file GSTR 2A –

Step 1 – Login to GST Portal.


Step 2 – Go to Services. In the drop down click on Returns > Returns Dashboard



Step 3 – Select the Financial Year and the Return Filing Period from the drop-down. Click on Search



Step 4 – Click on View button in the tile GSTR 2A.



Step 5 – The GSTR 2 – auto drafted details is displayed


Step 6 – Under Part A, click on B2B Invoices. The details on this page will be auto-populated based on the returns filed by the suppliers.


Click on GSTIN to view the invoices uploaded by each supplier.




Step 7 – Under Part A – Amendments to B2B Invoices displays the invoices that have been amended by the suppliers in their GSTR 1 or GSTR 5.



Step 8 – Next is Credit/Debit Notes under Part A. This covers all the credit note or debit note added by the suppliers. Click on the tile to view GSTIN-wise details of debit/credit note.


Click on the GSTIN to view the debit/credit notes in further detail.





Step 9 – Amendments to Credit/Debit Notes is the next tile under Part A. This contains details of all the amendments made by the suppliers to the credit/debit notes. Click on the tile to see supplier wise details.



Step 10 – ISD Credits tile in Part B is the next tile. The details inside this tile are auto-populated based on the GSTR 6 filed by an Input Service Distributor.


Step 11 – TDS Credits tile under Part B of GSTR 2A will get auto populated based on GSTR 7 filed by the dealers who deduct TDS.



Step 12 – Part B TCS Credits is the next tile. This contains details of TCS collected by dealers. The details in this section are auto-populated based on GSTR 8 filed by TCS collector.





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