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All about the – First Invoice Registration Portal

Updated on: Jan 31st, 2023 - 10:32:58 AM

12 min read

social iconssocial iconssocial iconssocial icons or the e-invoice portal is the first invoice registration portal, maintained by the National Informatics Centre (NIC) for generating IRN for e-invoices. The e-invoicing system initially became applicable on 1st October 2020 for large taxpayers and is currently extended to small taxpayers with a turnover over Rs.10 crore. You can use Clear IRP, government-approved IRP or e-invoice portal for smooth generation and management of e-invoices.


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Latest Update

30th January 2023
Few updates are made on the NIC's e-invoice portal-
(1) User can select POS state code of '96-Other Country' against items where HSN codes are 9965 and 9968 (Services by way of transportation of goods, including by mail or courier).
(2) The documents dated 1/10/2021 or after shall only be considered on the portal.
(3)  The portal has added a new error code 2295 for duplicate requests apart from 2150, with error as 'IRN is already
generated and registered with GSTN Lookup Portal by other IRP'.

11th October 2022
The GST Council may implement the next phase of e-invoicing for businesses with an annual turnover of more than Rs.5 crore from 1st January 2023. The system may get extended to businesses with a turnover of over Rs.1 crore by the end of the next fiscal year.

1st August 2022 
The e-Invoicing system for B2B transactions has now been extended to those with an annual aggregate turnover of more than Rs.10 crore up to Rs.20 crore starting from 1st October 2022, vide notification no. 17/2022. 

24th February 2022
The e-Invoicing system will get extended to those annual aggregate turnover of more than Rs.20 crore up to Rs.50 crore starting from 1st April 2022, vide notification no. 1/2022.

What is is the first website for generating Invoice Reference Numbers (IRN) for e-invoices. The NIC’s makes it possible for such taxpayers to register, and bulk upload invoices to obtain IRN, validate, track and cancel e-invoices, etc.

Taxpayers with aggregate turnover above Rs.10 crore currently must generate e-invoices. From 1st January 2023, it shall apply to those businesses with a turnover of more than Rs.5 crore. Meantime, India’s smart compliance solution, Clear has also been authorised by the GST Network to be the official IRP in India.

Facilities on the

The following facilities or functions are available on the e-invoice portal-

  • Registration of taxpayers into the e-invoicing system
  • Generation of unique Invoice Reference Number (IRN) using the bulk upload option
  • Tracking/verifying e-invoice details using IRN
  • Search for any taxpayer, Pincode, goods or services, signed e-invoice, or master codes.
  • Cancellation of IRN
  • Printing e-invoices
  • Generating MIS reports
  • Authorising a sub-user to generate IRN, cancel IRN or generate reports relating to IRN.

Contents of the NIC’s website Explained

Before e invoice login

  • Upon accessing the homepage of the e-invoice website, a section appears on the right-hand side known as ‘Latest Updates’. This displays the latest developments in the implementation along with the new features of the einvoice portal.
  • The ‘Laws’ section contains various rules- Rule 48, forms- INV-01, a list of GST notifications and circulars relating to e-invoicing issued under the GST law.
  • The ‘Help’ section provides user manuals for managing IRN, FAQs on the same and tools for bulk generation of IRN.
  • A ‘Search’ section where the following information can be looked up:
    • Taxpayer details by entering their GSTIN.
    • Pincode search to know the name of the state.
    • Product and service details by entering the HSN Code.
    • Verification of the signature and invoice details by uploading JSON signed file of the e-invoice.
    • Status of e-invoice of the taxpayer by entering the GSTIN.
    • List of GST Suvidha Providers
    • Master codes for states, HSN, Countries, ports, currency and UQC.
  • The ‘Downloads’ section contains the following facilities:
    • The ‘QR code verify’ app will be provided.
    • Sample signed e-invoice JSON.
    • A brief document on the QR code will be made available.
    • FAQs on QR codes will also be made available.
    • The public key for e-invoice for the respective periods of IRN generation.
  • The ‘Contact Us’ section contains an e-mail address and phone number for support.
  • The ‘Registration’ section for first-time registration onto the website to use the e-invoicing system. The registration facility is available for different types of users such as SMS-based, mobile-based, GSP-based, API-based, etc. The mode of generation of e-invoice is available on the basis of the selection made at the registration.
  • The ‘Login’ section to enter credentials after registration is successful.


After e invoice login

Below is the main menu screen of NIC’s einvoice portal after a successful login:


From the above it is observed that there are five main options available:


The e-invoice menu on GST e invoice login contains the following sub-menus:

Upon successful cancellation, the system displays the message ‘e-invoice cancelled successfully!!’.

  • Bulk Upload: Rather than uploading details of each invoice one by one, an option has also been made available to upload multiple invoices in one single JSON file. The JSON can be generated by using the bulk converter tool that is also available on the website. Every invoice contained in the JSON will be assigned separate IRNs.
  • Cancel IRN: Where any mistake has been made in uploading details of an invoice, the generated IRN can also be cancelled within 24 hours of generating the same. Note that the IRN cannot be deleted and hence even the IRN of a cancelled invoice remains unique. The invoice that is to be cancelled can be found by entering the acknowledgement number.



  • Print e-invoice: The IRN/e-invoice number of the invoice that is required needs to be entered.


A sample of the print can be seen below:


MIS Reports

This option can be used to generate an MIS report. A list of invoices uploaded would be provided based on selected parameters and selected dates. This list can also be exported in excel format using the ‘Export to Excel’ tab.

User Management

A large business entity may have different people performing different roles in relation to invoices in an organisation. This portal allows controlling access of such users depending on their role.


As can be seen from the above figure, the various options provided are ‘Create Sub-User’, ‘Freeze Sub-User’, ‘Update Sub-User’ and ‘Change password’.  Each such sub-user will be given the following type of permissions:

  • Generate Invoice Reference Number
  • Cancel Invoice Reference Number
  • Report Generation of Invoice Reference Number


The sub-users would each be provided separate login credentials with their user ID being the same as that of the main user, except for the addition of a suffix. 

API Registration

In case the taxpayer chooses to directly integrate his ERP system or through GSP with the e-Invoicing system, click on ‘API Registration’ option > IP whitelisting to register your IP address with the portal.


Thereafter, select ‘Create API User’ under the ‘User Credentials’ option to register the GSTIN for the API interface and set the login credentials. In case the sister concern of your GSTIN has already registered for the API interface then the details thereof will be displayed. Enter the client ID and client secret to set the login credentials for your concern.

Change Password

The user can frequently change the password using this option.



It may be a tedious task to enter business details every time an e-invoice is prepared. Hence, it is possible to use this option to auto-populate certain fields while creating the e-invoice by pulling the data from the GST common portal.


E-Way Bill

The ‘e-way bill’ option can be used to fill up Part A of the e-way bill with only the vehicle number remaining to be entered in Part B.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am already registered on the GST common portal. Do I have to register separately on the e-invoice portal?

Yes, a separate GSTIN-based registration will need to be made on the e-invoice portal. However, the taxpayers who are registered on the e-way bill portal need not take separate registration on the e-invoice portal.

Should I compulsorily use einvoice portal?

If you are the applicable taxpayer notified to generate e-invoices, then you must compulsorily use einvoice portal.

Is partial cancellation of e-invoice possible?

No, e-invoices can only be fully cancelled within 24 hours of their generation.

What is the maximum number of sub-users that I can have?

The maximum number of sub-users that can be created for each place of business is 10. For every additional place of business, 10 more sub-users can be added.

Is it compulsory to assign sub-users?

No, it is not compulsory to assign sub-users. The decision regarding the number of sub-users, if any, must be taken by the taxpayer himself based on his business needs.

Why am I not able to generate reports for a particular period, i.e., select a start period and an end period?

Reports can only be generated for a particular day to ensure that the system does not take any additional burden and continues to perform smoothly. Hence, it is advisable to generate a report for each day separately if so needed.

Is it possible to make amendments to an e-invoice?

Amendments are allowed to be made as per the provisions of the GST law but they can be made only on the GST common portal and not on the e-invoice portal.

Is there any other IRP or einvoice portal other than NIC’s einvoice portal?

Yes. Clear IRP, GSTN-licensed IRP or e-invoice portal is also available, along with a few other IRPs, with value-added features for taxpayers who must comply with e-invoicing.

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