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Final Return Under Goods and Services Tax: GSTR-10

Every registered taxable person is required to furnish a final return under section 31, and they shall furnish such returns electronically in FORM GSTR-10 through the Common Portal within three months of the date of cancellation or date of cancellation order, whichever is later.

A taxable person who ceases to do business voluntarily or by way of an order by the authorities is required to furnish this return.

Following are the sections which will be auto-populated at the time of system login:

Final Return in Form GSTR-10
Final Return in Form GSTR-10
    • GSTIN  
    • Legal Name  
    • Business Name
    • Address

Below are the sections under which information needs to be furnished:

  • Application Reference Number – ARN needs to be furnished in case the application for cancellation has been approved by the authorities. In such cases, ARN will be communicated to the taxpayer at the time of passing the cancellation order.
  • Effective Date of Surrender/Cancellation – This will require the date of cancellation of GST registration as contained in the order.
  • Whether cancellation order has been passed – Taxpayer needs to specify whether the return is being filed on the basis of cancellation order or on a voluntary basis.
  • If Yes, Unique ID of Cancellation order – Unique ID will be provided by the authorities at the time of passing cancellation order.
  • Date of Cancellation Order – This will be the date on which the GST registration cancellation order is passed by the authorities.
  • Particulars of Closing Stock – Taxpayer needs to furnish details of closing stock held at the time of ceasing the business. Any amount of credit lying in such stock needs to be paid along with this return.
  • Amount of Tax Payable on Closing Stock – As mentioned above, credit lying in input and/or capital goods needs to be paid to the administration. This amount is auto-computed under this head on the basis of the declaration of closing stock of goods.
  • Verification – Once all the particulars are furnished correctly, the taxpayer is required to sign digitally either through a digital signature certificate (DSC) or Aadhar based signature verification to authenticate the return.
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