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ClearTax GST now helps you seamlessly upload your Sales and Purchase data from Tally ERP onto GSTN with minimal efforts and ensure you file your GST returns accurately.

ClearTax Tally Connector is a feature on ClearTax GST Desktop App that helps avoid the manual hassle of downloading and uploading data to the GSTN and improves the accuracy of GST filing for Tally users.

It is an easy and accurate way to export your Sales and Purchase data from Tally ERP for filing your GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B within minutes.
Tally connector

Why should you use ClearTax?

1. ClearTax GST is compatible with version 6.5.4 and above of Tally ERP. Integration is made easy.

2. You now don’t need manual efforts to convert data on Tally ERP to suit the required format for filing on GSTN.

ClearTax GST comes with smart solutions to fetch your data from Tally ERP in a jiffy! Validates the same for errors and uploads it onto GSTN with 100% accuracy.

3. You can use Advanced Features of ClearTax GST such as automated matching and reconciliation.

Filing of GSTR-3B requires you to match your purchases register with GSTR-2A. GSTR-2A has purchases reported by those who sell to you. To begin with, one has to convert the GSTR-2A Form (from GST Portal) from JSON to Excel format and then, match and reconcile purchase data. The matching and reconciliation of your purchase data while filing for GSTR-3B is very easy and simple on the ClearTax GST Desktop App.

Now Auto-download GSTR-2A from GSTN in a single click and leave the rest to us!

4. Use our Intelligent Business Reports that give you Useful Insights to manage your Inventory, track payments and much more!

How does ClearTax Tally Connector work?

Let’s see the prerequisites:

  • Tally with version 6.5.4 and above

A Quick Guide:

  1. Download ClearTax GST Desktop App. Take less than a minute out for a One-time set-up process.
  2. Perform a One-time Configuration on Tally ERP9. This will not disturb your Data on Tally
  3. Begin to use Desktop App to fetch data from Tally in a click of a button.

So, why wait… Start using Desktop App to enjoy tally connector feature.


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