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GST Return Filing & Invoicing
Simplified with ClearTax GST Software

GSTR-3B is a monthly GST Return to be filed by regular taxpayers.

Filing GSTR-3B is simple, fast and accurate with ClearTax GST Software. Follow the simple two-step process below to file your GSTR-3B in a few minutes.

1. Prepare GSTR-3B easily and accurately and Upload to GST Portal

2. Proceed on Government Portal for filing GSTR-3B

There are two ways of preparing GSTR-3B on our software. We will look at each in detail below:

1. Summary Mode- Fill in each detail in the GSTR-3B OR

2. Invoice Import Mode- Import invoice level details of purchase and sales to Autofill your GSTR-3B

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Summary Mode

If you don’t have invoice-level data, you can use our step-by-step guide to prepare your GSTR-3B summary, you may select the option of Summary Mode and proceed with preparing your return.

1. Login to your account on ClearTax GST. Select the business for which you wish to prepare GSTR-3B and choose ‘GST RETURNS’.



2. Click on ‘File GSTR-3B Now’ button.



3. Choose ‘Summary Mode’.



4. Prepare your GSTR-3B by entering all the details manually. Click on ‘Edit’ option available for each nature of supply, enter the values and click on ‘Save’. As you can see certain fields have been restricted to editing depending on the nature of supply. 

To understand what values to enter and how to calculate them you can either click on ‘Explain this’  beside each line item or go to our article on ‘Details to be Mentioned in GSTR-3B Form‘.



5.  Upload the GSTR-3B on the GST Portal by clicking on ‘UPLOAD TO GSTN’



6. The ClearTax GST Software automatically calculates your GST Payment Liability.  To do this click on ‘Download Ledger Data from GSTN’.

The tax payment has to be made on the GST Portal.

After Payment, you need to do an activity called “Offset Liability” on GSTN.

7. Submit and file your return on the GST Portal.

Invoice Import Mode

You should choose this option of filing GSTR-3B if you:

  • Wish to import sales and purchase invoices to ClearTax GST Software from any other accounting software,
  • Or you have already created invoices on our software and
  • Want ClearTax GST to auto-prepare the return for you.

Here is a step by step process to do the same.

1. Choose your filing mode. Click on ‘Invoice Import Mode’


Now proceed to prepare your GSTR 3B by following the steps as shown on the screen below:



2. Import the sales and purchases invoices. Bulk import invoice by clicking on ‘Import from Excel’. To know more about how to import invoices click here.

If you are importing invoices from Tally make sure you use ClearTax Tally Patch.


3. On successful import, the following information will be displayed on your dashboard:

  • Number of invoices – this includes all the bills that you were trying to upload.
  • Failed invoices – this will show only those bills that have errors and have failed to upload.
  • Passed invoices – this will show all bills that have no errors and have uploaded correctly.


4. If a bill has any error, the cell where an incorrect detail has been filled will be highlighted in red color.


A. Click on the highlighted cell and fill the right information.

B. After you have fixed all errors, click on ‘Revalidate’.

5. Click on ‘Sales Data’ to view or add sales invoices.

6. Click on ‘Purchase Data’ to view or add purchase invoices.

7. Once you have successfully imported all invoices, click on the option ‘Claim ITC’.

A. Choose the purchase invoices listed on which you may claim ITC.

11     10

B. As a taxpayer, you need to define the category of this line item – as Input, Input Service, Capital Goods or Ineligible.


C. Then you need to check the ITC which is available and the amount which you would like to claim for this invoice. Let’s say you want to define 100% as the amount you want to claim. You can do this action for each of your line items Or you can use our bulk action method for the same.

D. To take bulk actions, click on the checkbox below ‘Date’. You will see a section appear at the bottom of your screen. You can bulk-define the Category, and Claim Values here for the selected invoices.


E. You can also use our filters to select only those invoices for which you like to apply this bulk action.


F. Once you have set the values for Category and claimed ITC for all chosen invoices, you can save these selections by clicking on ‘Save ITC Values’. Only once you have saved ITC values, these values will be frozen.



8. Click on ‘Autofill Now’ to populate the information in GSTR-3B in ‘Review GSTR-3B’. In case you do not save ITC values and click on ‘Autofill Now’, the values will not be auto-populated.


The software also has an option to edit the populated details for every field. Use this option if you want to edit the details filled in GSTR-3B form.


9. Pay Tax – If GST on outward supplies is more than ITC on inward supplies tax is to be paid. The tax is shown on the GST Portal after filing GSTR-3B but the calculation of the total tax and the breakup into IGST, CGST, SGST and late fees can be done on ClearTax GST Software. The calculation of tax before filing return by the software makes sure that you pay the exact GST Liability. Make the GST Payment.


10. File GSTR-3B by logging in to GST Portal.

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