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Multiplier Grants Scheme

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India is the land of opportunities, especially when it comes to trade and commerce. There is so much underutilised potential that can be tapped into by the right means. Taking a step towards that direction, the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) is implementing the Multiplier Grants Scheme with an idea to bridge the gap between research and development and commercialisation.

Objectives of the Multiplier Grants Scheme

  • To establish links between the industry and the institutes and further nurture and strengthen them.
  • To promote industry oriented Research and Development (R&D) at Institutes.
  • To encourage the development of indigenious products and further accelerate their development.
  • To bridge the gap between R&D/Proof of concept and commercialisation/globalisation.

Process Under the Multiplier Grants Scheme

Idea Generation and Submission of the Project Proposal

  • For collaborative research to happen, the idea for the same should originate from the industry or the industry consortium.
  • Academic institutions or the R&D bodies that intend to undertake the industry-specific research will have to submit the project proposal under the Multiplier Grants Scheme to the Department of Electronics and Information Technology jointly with the industry/industry consortium.

Details regarding the Project Proposal

  • The proposal should foster innovation in the field of Electronics and Information Technology.
  • The proposal should contain ideas for innovation with regard to the modules/products/packages/ services.
  • Should also have formulated a concrete plan from the prototype phase all the way to the package for commercialisation to be considered under the Multiplier Grants Scheme.
  • The idea behind the proposal must focus on one core area of business in that particular industry.

Project Investigator

In order to ascertain credibility and guarantee results, the identified institute/project investigator should have the requisite expertise and track record in that particular field.

Ascertaining the R&D Capabilities

The institutions taking up collaborative research under the Multiplier Grants Scheme need to have the necessary capabilities for R&D, and that is decided based on the following factors:-

  • What is the level of the professional courses being conducted by them in ICTE? (B. Tech/M.Tech/Ph.D)
  • Are there any prior research works/projects undertaken by them?
  • Are there any papers published by them?
  • Do they have any collaboration with industry?
  • Do they qualify with regard to the Institution being in existence for at least 5 years?

Market Research

This innovation should result in the product being technically and commercially viable. The proposals should contain information regarding the market survey of the modules/products/packages/ services proposed to be developed, including the following:-

  • Understanding the target market.
  • Understanding buyer behaviour and buying potential.
  • Demand-supply chain
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Assessment of pricing for new products/services

Ascertain the Standing of the Industry

Understanding the scope and potential of the industry is another very important process. This can be done by answering questions such as:-

  • Does the industry have the requisite manpower for the absorption of technology?
  • Is there adequate infrastructure for in-house production?

In case a sub-committee is needed for more industry analysis, the same may be formed.

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