How and When to Sell Crypto for Beginners?

Updated on: Jul 4th, 2022 - 7:16:28 AM

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Cryptocurrency has become a household term in the last ten years and has witnessed monstrous growth, attracting global investors due to its benefits. However, once you have invested in them, you would want to sell them so you can get the money out of which you had invested.

Besides wondering how to sell crypto, many investors are often unsure when exactly to sell their coins. Well, there are various ways to sell one’s crypto coins. To sell a crypt coin, you must first have it in your wallet. 

This guide gives insight into how and when to sell crypto for maximum profit.

Let’s have a look. 

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that use blockchain technology to operate and are safeguarded by cryptography. 

Moreover, it is stored in digital wallets and does not involve third-party intermediaries. Keep reading to know more about how you can invest in cryptocurrency. 

How to sell crypto?

There are various ways to sell a crypto coin you hold in your wallet. Some of the most effective ways are as follows: 

  • Crypto exchange

Cryptocurrency exchanges are where you may purchase and sell your crypto coins. 

However, for the exchange to happen, you need to have an account with this exchange. You might also have to provide identity verification and then connect your bank account. Make sure to be aware of different restrictions that an exchange may place. Once the account is complete, transfer your crypto and place a sell order. Do mention the amount, asking price for each unit and your preferred currency. 

  • Direct trades 

 This is another important way of selling cryptocurrency. 

This can be accomplished in several ways, including arranging a face-to-face meeting to sell the coin or conducting the transaction online using a dedicated platform.

  • P2P selling 

Peer to Peer trading is when two individuals trade or acquire cryptocurrencies directly. 

Vendors and buyers register on a peer-to-peer platform, marketplace, or exchange to engage in this trading. 

After registration on the platform, you can place adverts for cryptocurrencies to be bought or sold, with a price range and location specified.

  • Crypto ATMs 

Crypto ATMs allow you to easily scan a wallet QR code and sell them for cash. However, compared to other methods, they frequently impose large transaction costs. 

Furthermore, not every crypto coin ATM supports both purchase and sell transactions. Remember this while carrying out a crypto sale via crypto ATMs. In addition, it places daily limits on cryptocurrency purchases.

  • Face to face 

The value of every crypto swings frequently. So knowing the price of crypto during an in-person transaction is critical. As a result, most crypto traders rely on rates from well-known exchanges. 

After selling your crypto on a crypto exchange, a wire transfer or automated clearing house (ACH) transfer to a bank account is a standard way to convert your crypto into cash.

When should you sell crypto

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile so asset prices can fluctuate significantly in the short term. Even veteran crypto investors cannot even predict when exactly you should sell your crypto. They can provide a stat and prediction but cannot say exactly when you need to sell crypto.

Knowing the right time to sell crypto is all about a specific set of implications. These would include your investment goal, target and comprehending charts. Also, combine your instinct with technical knowledge to find out when to get rid of your crypto coins.

Moreover, you can use the stop-loss mechanism to prevent losses from exceeding a limit you cannot afford. This option will close the crypto trading automatically when your crypto reaches a particular low point.

Types of crypto trading

  • Short-term trading 

Short-term trading entails developing and executing a trading strategy to profit from short-term price volatility.

It’s more active, hectic, and riskier than long-term trading. Still, it also offers faster and higher potential rewards for those who execute it well and the ability to profit from rising and falling cryptocurrency values.

  • Long-term trading

Long-term traders buy and hold those cryptocurrencies for over a period to profit from them or use them afterwards.

You will need to make some hard choices regarding crypto trading, regardless of whether you are investing for fun or living. However, knowing the right time and method to sell your cryptos might increase your chances of profits from this space. 


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