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How to Find Good NFT Projects?

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08 min read.

Non-Fungible Tokens saw considerable adoption and public attention in 2021, making it the year of the NFT. 

As per CoinMarketCap, the sales from NFT have reached USD 19 million and are likely the fastest-growing blockchain sub-sector, with over 2,80,000 unique dealers and collectors worldwide. 

Furthermore, consumers have created almost 2,00,000 unique NFT wallets so far. 

However, it is crucial to understand NFTs before investing in them. A thorough knowledge will help you find the most suitable NFT project. Do you want to know how to spot a good NFT project from the vast NFT space? 

Keep reading.

NFTs: What are they?

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are a collection of codes that reside on the blockchain and cannot be duplicated. 

NFTs denote ownership of one-of-a-kind goods, enabling us to tokenise items such as art, valuables, and even real estate. 

Furthermore, NFT can only have one legitimate owner at a time and is protected by the Ethereum blockchain. These are treated as a favourable investment option due to their benefits. 

Let’s understand why it has become so popular in recent years. 

Why are NFTs so popular?

When it comes to ‘use cases,’ NFTs have found new applications in the gaming industry. 

It is a software modelling technique that describes the features to be implemented and how to resolve any faults that may arise.

The Play-to-Earn (P2E) model incorporates in-game NFTs that enable players to earn tokens while playing and generate, exchange, and purchase many unique assets. 

Another prominent use case for NFTs is the loot model, in which users are rewarded in-game with boxes containing various valued things, powerups, and other goodies.

However, choosing a reputable NFT project is critical and understanding why you’re buying it. Hence, you must keep these pointers in mind when assessing an NFT project.

How do you identify a good NFT project?

A variety of factors can influence the value of an NFT. To properly assess the long-term viability and the worth of an NFT project for your collection or crypto portfolio, consider the following factors: 

  • Rarity 

A core quality of NFTs is their rarity. 

According to the Law of Supply and Demand and Law of Scarcity, those NFTs in great demand often attract more buyers and are sold for higher prices. 

Users can receive a more objective assessment of an NFT by using third-party sites like a rarity. 

These systems will use the blockchain explorer and other sources to calculate the NFT’s rarity, considering its popularity, trading volume, and the number of owners.

  • Utility 

Any digital asset’s core value is utility. A digital asset with no usefulness has no use case and has little demand. 

On the other hand, an NFT with high utility has immediate value, which may increase over time based on the underlying project’s popularity and traction.

For instance, NFTs in the gaming industry are currently considered to be of high utility and, thus, will continue to grow in demand as new players join the community. 

Another element that influences the value of an NFT is the collection’s strength. Furthermore, it is crucial to consider the real-world utility of NFTs. For example, some NFTs can be traded for real-world prizes, while others can be used to gain entry to events.

  • Community size 

For NFTs, the community is a critical component since it affects the number of possible users and buyers on the open market.

For instance, celebrities can also endorse an NFT by sharing it with their followers. Moreover, as a user, you can easily determine the project’s community size by assessing the number of subscribers it has and checking its official social handle. 

It is important to regularly analyse the number of wallets participating in the NFT market. This is frequently a reliable indicator of overall market demand.

  • Origin of the NFT 

It is important to evaluate the origins of the NFT as it is linked to its value. The more distinguished a creator is, the more likely their work will be valued in the marketplace.

Hence, users should first learn about the creator before considering an NFT. This entails looking into the origins of the inventor, the NFT’s past, and the creator’s market popularity, among other things.

  • Aligning with your interest 

One of the secrets to successful NFT investment is to put money into a project that piques your interest rather than on unsubstantiated financial speculations.

For instance, you can invest in a collectable that offers you membership into an exclusive NFT club. 

  • Conduct a roadmap analysis 

Every successful project starts with a solid roadmap that includes long-term action plans. A well-defined path instils confidence in investors, increasing demand for the NFT series. 

In addition, top projects are constantly releasing new features, linked collections, and tech migrations, among other things, to support community growth and sustainability. 

Consequently, evaluating project roadmaps aids in the early identification of promising NFT projects. Moreover, roadmaps also contain the following information that is vital for enthusiasts to identify a good project worthy of investment: 

  • Information on NFT drops, including the date, time, and minting price.
  • Events to look forward to
  • Tiers of NFT rarity
  • Releases of merchandise
  • Information about the DAO
  • Benefits and prizes that are only available to members
  • Airdrops/giveaways that are completely free
  • NFT releases as an add-on, companion, or hybrid
  • Yield farming utility tokens
  • Storefronts for NFT
  • 3D models, in-game utilities, and other metaverse and NFT gaming-compatible content

Finding the most suitable NFT project for investment is not an easy task. This will require knowledge and time. However, follow the three golden rules: find an NFT that you want to invest in, conduct comprehensive research and never spend more than you can afford to lose. 

The crypto space is no doubt risky and volatile. So, carefully choose NFT and find only the rare ones so that you can get higher profits as it gets viral with time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find a good upcoming NFT project?

You can use Twitter to learn more about an NFT project in its initial stage. As it is the most-sought after social networking site, many creators choose to market their NFT projects on this platform. 

  • How do I choose the right NFT project?

You can choose the right NFT project by assessing the number of followers it has. However, there are many factors associated with it.