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PooCoin – Complete Guide

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08 min read.

Established in 2021, PooCoin is a Decentralised Finance (DeFi) trading analytics website ranked #672 in the world’s 1000 most visited websites. It serves Binance (BSC), Polygon (MATIC), and KuChain (KCC). 

This website has the highest retention rate in any Decentralised Exchange (DEX) as users spend a lot of time tracking tokens and watching buys/sells that takes place in real-time. 

Here’sHere’s a detailed guide on PooCoin. 

Birth of PooCoin

PooCoin was created out of a need to track real-time buys and sells for tokens in the Binance SmartChain (BSC) network. 

Ethereum and other DEXs, such as Uniswap (UNI), initiated a revolution in the DeFi sphere as users could swap their Ether tokens for ERC-20 tokens and vice-versa. However, traders had to manually check the block explorer to track the buys and sells of their tokens. 

DexTools solved this problem by introducing real-time charting with buy/sell analytics. However, it did not support the BSC network. In Q1 2021, BSC had started gaining recognition for its low fees, and thus the need for a DEX that supported real-time charting in BSC arose. 

PancakeSwap was the largest and most liquid DEX on the BSC network then, but it was often lagging and slow in indexing new purchases and sells. The price listed would be lagging by a few hours or more.

Hence, PooCoin was born as a new protocol for PancakeSwap token analytics. It solved the problem by syncing analytics from the BSCScan and integrating them into their platform. This enabled them to speed up indexing and show real-time transactions for every contract on the network.  

PooCoin features

The PooCoin website provides indexes for all contracts on supported networks. Their services provide real-time buy/sell data, market caps, charts, LP tokens, trade widgets and wallet holdings. 

Let us explore in detail some of the main features of this website:

PooCoin Telegram bot

This free and programmable bot allows you to track the price changes for cryptos compatible with PooCoin. Since Telegram is the most popular application for crypto groups, this bot helps you find the price of any token by simply inputting code words such as “/price.” 


Charting is one of the key features of this website. PooCoin indexes the entire BSCScan block explorer and displays all your contacts with their liquidity. For more information on the token, you have to look at the left of the token chart. You will find four options:


This option tracks the liquidity provider tokens and the amount of liquidity it may provide. 


It shows you the latest transactions on the block explorer.


Here you can read your contracts if the source code is verified and even copy and input it on an app to get safety ratings. 


This option will show you the top holder and analytics for the token of our choice. PooCoin automatically spots dangerous tokens to keep you safe. 


PooCoin has a token swapping widget under every chart. You can easily buy or sell a token without visiting a DEX website. It automatically routes you through the DEX engine and saves time.

You can embed the PooCoin Widget on your website to instantly buy or sell tokens. It is free of cost. 

Wallet tracking

This feature can easily track your wallet’s balance by showing all your tokens and their value in USD.


This feature enables you to view numerous charts at the same time. This comes in handy when you are tracking multiple tokens at once. 

Buy/sell transactions

PooCoin maps out detailed transactions for every token that you buy or sell. It extracts the data from the block explorers and will include all transactions on the blockchain. 

You can find the buys marked in green and the sells in red. For the token you choose, each chart marks the latest 100 transactions. 

If you click on the transaction ID, it will lead you to the block explorer that contains the transaction details. This will help you track the large whales and see which tokens they buy and sell. 

Under “Wallet TX,” you can find every transaction made by a specific wallet. In the “Buyers” and “Sellers” tab, you can track the largest addresses for a token in a given time frame. This feature acts like a whale tracker that will help you learn from big players in this field. 

PooCoin premium

You can get a set of elite features in PooCoin premium related to trending tokens and wallet tracking, which are available in:

  • Tier 1 

Costing $100, you can track and view the balance of a wallet that is not yours. This helps you track the whales’ movements and make profitable trades based on their behaviour.

  • Tier 2

With a price of $300, this feature allows you to track a wallet and even the trades listed on that user’s charts.

  • Tier 3

Coming with a cost of $2,000, you can view the trending tokens with the most views. With the feature of adjusting the time frame to the last 30 minutes, you can be alerted to the hottest tokens on the website. 

PooCoin token

The PooCoin token is the native currency of this website. With a total supply of 10 million, this token gained popularity in 2021 when its price jumped by nearly 700%. Since then, the coin’s value has depreciated, but in recent times, you will find its value rising due to the interest among traders.  

You can buy this token using cryptocurrency only; hence, you need a crypto wallet. Metamask, Binance Chain Wallet, Tremor, and Ledger are good examples you can consider. 

In today’s world, where cryptocurrency investment is on the rise, it is vital to conduct thorough research before making any decision. This will help you make a solid investment strategy, ensuring lower losses.

Always look at current market trends and consult with experienced investors before investing. This will give you a clear idea of the different challenges you may face. 

The crypto world is filled with new opportunities, and if you make informed decisions, your investments will bring higher returns.