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WeWay – Complete Guide

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08 min read.

In digital and social media marketing, various beneficial aspects provide people with numerous opportunities. However, they lack compatibility. To bridge the gap between them comes in WeWay. 

WeWay is an entertainment ecosystem for celebrities, creators, and their fans. Headed by Fuad Fatullaev, it is a one-of-a-kind influencer metaverse that provides many services to its members. 

To find out more regarding this, read on. 

About WeWay

WeWay is a unique ecosystem that serves as a field of interaction between creators and their fans. It is a part of the Global Creator Economy and supports creators by providing them tools to create, operate, monetise and publish various content. 

The revenue system for this platform is backed by its native WeWay token and the NFT marketplace. The purpose of the native token is to make the economy of this environment utilise the security of blockchain technology and the interoperability of cryptocurrency. 

 The USP of WeWay

NFT market

In recent years, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken the digital market by storm. It allows you to have digital ownership of various virtual content like 3D models, images, videos, audio files, documents, etc. NFTs store your asset with a unique identification code saved on a blockchain. It also serves as a “digital twin” of any physical asset allowing its trade in the digital world. 

You can find many collectibles on the NFT marketplace, including real estate, unique artwork, famous tweets, GIFs of great sports moments, rare cards, memes, and more. An NFT can fetch you a hefty profit based on the rarity and demand. 

Influencer market

If you are an influencer searching for like-minded followers, WeWay can be a great choice. Likewise, if you want to follow your favourite personality, this is a great place for that as well. Here, influencers regularly post content on their social media network channels and attract a mass audience of their followers. It might be streaming, blogging, video-blogging, or event participation; this platform covers it all. 

The culmination of content creators, bloggers, and followers creates this platform’s Creator Economy.  

Blockchain market

Blockchain is the new way for peer-to-peer cashless transactions in today’s world. It is a decentralised and highly encrypted system that nullifies the need for third-party intervention. The information stored in a block is shared across all the nodes on a worldwide network, making it impossible to hack. 

The data management, smart contracts, payments, digital identity information, supply chain management, etc., is managed via WeWay’s blockchain system. The best part is that its native token seamlessly allows you to transact on this platform without any hindrance.  

Crypto market

Being blockchain-based, WeWay integrates all the advantages of the crypto market. The advanced encryption technologies and the ability to transact anywhere worldwide make it the hub of investors and enthusiasts. 

Due to the presence of cryptocurrency, influencers and their followers can transact effortlessly and participate in various sales and trades.  

Streaming market

To put it in simple terms, streaming is the transmission of a video file to viewers all over the internet. If you are a content creator or influencer, you can broadcast your stream on your social media platform and gain followers. 

Your fans can enjoy your content from any part of the world sitting in the comfort of their homes. So, whether you have a game streaming channel, podcast, video blog, etc., the streaming market, with its unique features, is the right place for you.