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What is My Defi Pet game? How to earn money with your NFT pets?

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08 min read.

The hype of GameFi and NFTs appears to keep increasing. There is an array of game concepts which make cryptocurrency gaming communities more relatable. This includes farming simulation NFTs like Town Star and Wanaka Farm or a card game inspired by Pokémon like Axie Infinity, where you can breed the NFT monster for selling and playing in Axie Marketplace. 

Besides these, there is another sensational GameFi – My DeFi Pet. It is pretty popular and is a recipient of the Super Hackathon award. Also, My DeFi Pet bagged over 3 million transactions, purchases of more than 2 million eggs and 150,000+ token holders even before its launch.

In light of all this, it seems this game is worth a look. Let’s dive in.

About My DeFi Pet

Based on KardiaChain and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), My DeFi Pet is a cryptocurrency pet simulation game made public on 14 May 2021. This game combines the concept of NFT collectables, players’ personalities and DeFi.

The game activities involve evolving, collecting, breeding, trading, socialising and battling pets. Even though there is an array of activities for users, the dominant ones for players include trading and breeding pets.

For My DeFi Pets, NFTs are the items and pets. It is possible to breed pets to generate new unique pets. And for the item, it is possible to give them to the pets to make them stronger for battle. It is worth noting that the pets are not interchangeable as every NFT pet is distinct. Players can auction, trade and purchase their NFT monsters and earn profit.

DPET Token: A brief overview

The DPET token is the core token and in-game currency of the My DeFi Pet ecosystem. The idea of this token is to offer a secure settlement mode among individuals interacting with the My DeFi Pet universe. DPET tokens are tradable and available on KardiaChain and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

This token has several uses, like:

  • It can be staked to earn more DPET
  • It permits participants to take part in governance
  • You can use it to buy items

How to earn money by playing My DeFi Pet?

There are three methods to earn money by playing My DeFi Pet. These are:

  • Auctioning monsters

It is possible to breed new pets and auction them to other players. Also, you can breed monsters by combining two other monsters, leading to an entirely new monster. A new pet is formed with a set of statistics of its own. Pets having higher rarity or stats typically sell for a greater amount.

  • Season rewards

You can earn money by participating in the game season rewards, which involve a player completing various tasks and meeting specific requirements. Once you do it, you will receive rewards from a pool of prizes.

  • Playing the game

Playing My DeFi Pet involves participating in events and completing in-game missions. Players earn DPET tokens rewards in the form of non-fungible tokens for doing these. These NFTs can be sold on secondary NFT marketplaces.

Wrapping it up

To summarise, My DeFi Pet is an interesting game for crypto gamers. The way it is possible to breed and raise pets as NFT assets for sale in the marketplace enables players to go beyond just having fun – making money!