SBI Credit Card Cash Withdrawal Charges – How to Withdraw Cash From SBI Credit Card?

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Updated on: Jan 16th, 2024


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Many people use their State Bank of India (SBI) credit cards to withdraw cash in case of urgent requirements. However, when you use this facility, you should pay the SBI credit card cash withdrawal charges. Read on to know the details. 

SBI Cash Advance Fees And Charges

The table below shows the cash advance fees and charges:

Interest-free grace periodNil
Cash advance fee 2.5% of the total amount withdrawn or Rs.500, whichever is higher 
Cash advance limitUp to 80% of the credit limit
Interest rate Up to 3.50% per month or 42% per annum 
Minimum finance chargeRs.25

SBI Credit Card Cash Withdrawal Charges 

SBI credit card withdrawal charge is a one-time fee applicable every time SBI credit cardholders withdraw cash from an ATM. The withdrawal fee is also referred to as a cash advance fee. Generally, it's a particular percentage of the total cash withdrawn. The fee gets automatically added to their credit card bill for the next cycle. 

When it comes to SBI credit cards, it’s 2.5% of the cash amount withdrawn or Rs.500, whichever amount is higher. For example, suppose you withdraw Rs.30,000 from an ATM. The cash withdrawal fee would be Rs.750. However, if you withdraw only Rs.10,000, the withdrawal fee would be Rs.500 as 2.5% of 10,000 is Rs.250 only. 

SBI Credit Card Cash Withdrawal Interest Rate 

SBI levies finance or service charges for cash withdrawals from SBI credit cards. The finance charges are the interest rates that you must pay if you avail of the cash advance facility with SBI credit cards. The interest rates on credit card cash withdrawals will be applicable at a monthly rate of up to 3.50% or 42% per annum on all transactions from the day when one has used the credit card to withdraw the cash to the day when the amount has been repaid.

The interest rates are 3.50% per month or 42% per annum for unsecured cards and 2.75% per month or 33% per annum for Defence, Shaurya and secured cards.

SBI Credit Card Cash Withdrawal Charges Calculator 

The SBI bank charges 2.5% of the transaction amount or Rs.500, whichever is higher, as SBI credit card cash withdrawal charges. 

Let's consider a simple example to understand how this charge affects your cash withdrawal amount and repayment. 

For instance, if you withdraw Rs.20,000 using an SBI credit card cash advance, the bank will levy a cash advance fee plus interest or finance charge on this amount from the day of withdrawal until you complete the repayment. 

SBI Bank charges a monthly interest rate of 3.50% per month for unsecured credit cards. This means your payable amount after accumulating monthly interest rate and cash advance charges will become approximately Rs.21,200. 

SBI Credit Card Cash Withdrawal Limit

The total amount of cash that a cardholder can withdraw using their credit card is known as the credit card cash withdrawal limit. Generally, it is a percentage of the total credit limit available on the credit card in question. 

An important factor you need to keep in mind is that both credit limit and cash withdrawal limit get assigned to credit cardholders depending on their SBICPSL (SBI Cards and Payments Services Private Limited) credit criteria. Moreover, add-on cardholders and primary account holders share the same credit card limit. People get to know of these limits when they get their credit cards delivered. 

Every credit card statement contains the credit limit and cash limits for people to keep proper track. SBICPCL undertakes a periodic review of the cardholder’s accounts. This entity, may further, increase or decrease the credit limit of the cardholder depending on their internal criteria.

Usually, SBI provides a credit cash withdrawal limit of up to 80% of the credit limit. Gold and Titanium credit cardholders can withdraw a maximum of Rs.12,000 per day, and Prime, Platinum, Aurum, Elite and co-brand cardholders can withdraw a maximum of Rs.15,000 per day. 

The cardholder can increase the credit card cash withdrawal limit by writing to the SBICPCL and attaching every relevant financial document supporting their income. Once the financial entity feels satisfied with the analysis of the new documents, they will increase the credit card limit.

SBI Credit Card Annual Fee 

SBI customers can choose from a wide range of credit card options, including premium category and entry-level cards. All of these SBI credit cards have an annual or renewal fee which depends on the card type. Generally, SBI waives off certain charges if cardholders fulfil certain terms and conditions. 

The below table provides the annual fees for different types of SBI credit cards:

SBI Credit Card Annual Fee Renewal Fee/Fee Waiver 
AURUMRs.9,999Rs.9,999 (Waived off on annual spends of Rs.12 lakh in the previous year)
SBI Card ELITE, SBI Card ELITE Advantage, Nature's Basket SBI Card ELITE, Central Bank of India SBI Card ELITE, UCO Bank SBI Card ELITE, PSB SBI Card ELITERs.4,999Rs.4,999 (Waived off on annual spends of Rs.10 lakh in the previous year)
Air India SBI Signature Card
Etihad Guest SBI Premier Card
SBI Card PRIME, SBI Card PRIME Advantage, UCO Bank SBI Card PRIME, Central Bank of India SBI Card PRIME, City Union Bank SBI Card PRIME, Karnataka Bank SBI Card PRIME, PSB SBI Card PRIMERs.2,999Rs.2,999 (Waived off on annual spends of Rs.3 lakh in the previous year)
Club Vistara SBI Card PRIME, Lifestyle Home Centre SBI Card PRIME, MAX SBI Card PRIME,  SPAR SBI Card PRIME, TATA Card SELECT,
Doctor's SBI Card, SBI Card PULSE,  BPCL SBI Card Octane, Fabindia SBI Card SELECT, Nature's Basket SBI Card, IRCTC SBI Card PremierRs.1,499Rs.1,499 (Waived off on annual spends of Rs.2 lakh in the previous year)
Shaurya Select SBI CardRs.1,499Rs.1,499 (Waived off on annual spends of Rs.1.5 lakh in the previous year)
Aditya Birla SBI Card SELECT, Air India SBI Platinum Card, Club Vistara SBI Card, Etihad Guest SBI Card, Paytm SBI Card SELECT, Lifestyle Home Centre SBI Card SELECT, MAX SBI Card SELECT, SPAR SBI Card SELECTRs.1,499Rs.1,499
CASHBACK SBI CardRs.999Rs.999 (Waived off on annual spends of Rs.2 lakh in the previous year)
IRCTC SBI cardRs.500Rs.300
SimplyCLICK SBI Card, SimplyCLICK Advantage SBI Card, SimplySAVE SBI Card, SimplySAVE Advantage SBI Card, Apollo SBI  Card, Delhi Metro SBI Card, Fabindia SBI Card, TATA Card, TATA Star card, TATA Croma card, Central Bank of India, SimplySAVE SBI Card, City Union Bank SimplySAVE SBI Card, Karnataka Bank  SimplySAVE SBI Card, PSB SimplySAVE SBI Card, UCO Bank SimplySAVE SBI CardRs.499Rs.499 (Waived off on annual spends of Rs.1 lakh in the previous year)
OLA Money SBI CardNILRs.499 (Waived off on annual spends of Rs.1 lakh in the previous year)
BPCL SBI CardRs.499Rs.499 (Waived off on annual spends of Rs.50,000 in the previous year)
Aditya Birla SBI Card, Lifestyle Home Centre SBI Card, MAX SBI Card, 
Yatra- SBI Card, SPAR SBI Card, Paytm SBI Card
SBI Card UnnatiNILRs.499 (5th year onwards)
Krishak Unnati SBI CardNILRs.499 (Waived off on annual spends of Rs.30,000 in the previous year)
Shaurya SBI CardRs.250Rs.250 (Waived off on annual spends of Rs.50,000 in the previous year)

How to Withdraw Cash Using an SBI Credit Card

Follow these steps to withdraw cash from an ATM using SBI credit card

Step 1: Step into your nearest SBI ATM. 

Step 2: Insert the credit card into the designated space in the ATM and choose the language with which you prefer to proceed. 

Step 3: Fill in your PIN details and provide the amount you wish to withdraw. 

Step 4: You will receive the cash instantly. 

SBI Credit Card Late Payment Charges 

If a cardholder fails to pay the minimum amount which is duelate payment charges will be applicable as follows: 

  • No payment charge has to be paid if the outstanding amount on the payment date is between Rs.0 to Rs.500. 
  • Rs.400 will be the amount payable if the outstanding amount is greater than Rs.500 but less than Rs.1,000. 
  • Rs.750 will be the late payment charge if the outstanding amount is greater than Rs.1,000 but up to Rs.10,000. 
  • Rs.950 will have to be paid if the outstanding amount is greater than Rs.10,000 but less than Rs.25,000. 
  • Rs.1,100  will be the late payment charge if the outstanding amount is greater than Rs.25,000 but less than Rs.50,000. 
  • Cardholders have to pay Rs.1,300 if their outstanding amount is higher than Rs.50,000. 

If you withdraw cash using an SBI credit card, you will have to pay an additional late payment charge of Rs.100 if you miss payment of the Minimum Amount Due (MAD) on the stipulated date for two consecutive cycles. Until and unless the MAD gets cleared, this particular late payment charge will continue to apply. 

SBI Credit Card Benefits 

Check out the benefits of SBI credit cards: 

  • Lower Interest Option 

You can take the outstanding balances of your other credit cards and transfer them to your SBI credit card at much lower interest rates. Apart from that, you can also convert your transactions to easy and flexible EMIs (Equated Monthly Instalments). It is an important feature that can help you to save more money and build an emergency corpus. 

  • Contactless payments 

Making contactless payments has never been easier. With SBI credit cards, you can make safe and easy payments with simply a tap of your card. 

  • Easy Access Channels 

You can use SBI credit card account anytime and anywhere. You can download the SBI Card mobile app or remain updated with Simply SMS. 

  • The Facility of 'Encash'

You can access cash on the go to fulfil all of your financial needs with an SBI credit card. You can avail of the 'encash' facility up to or above the credit limit and get the money transferred to your account within 48 hours. 

  • Money Simplified 

The steps involved in withdrawing cash are simple. With SBI credit cards, you can withdraw cash instantly during times of need. 

  • Easier Payment of Utility Bills 

You will be able to access features like Auto Pay, Register, and Pay and Pay Fast. It will help you to pay off your utility bills easily. 

  • Insurance 

You can use your SBI credit card to start an insurance coverage as well. You can choose from three different types of insurance coverage. You can easily deal with accidents, health issues, card theft, and loss if you have an appropriate insurance cover. 

When you apply for a credit card at the State Bank of India, you must not forget to check the SBI credit card cash withdrawal charges. While you can always make cash withdrawals with your credit cards during emergencies, having a clear idea about the different charges and fees will help you plan for your finances better. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen if I withdraw cash with an SBI credit card?

If you withdraw cash with the SBI credit card, you will have to pay the requisite cash advance fees. The amounts will depend on the amount and type of credit card you hold. 

How can I withdraw cash with my SBI credit card?

You can withdraw cash with your SBI credit card during financial emergencies. All you have to do is visit the nearest ATM, insert the card at the designated space, and provide the PIN details. You will receive the cash instantly. 

How much are the charges for SBI credit card cash withdrawal?

Generally, the SBI credit card cash withdrawal charge is 2.5% of the total amount withdrawn or Rs.500, whichever amount is higher. 

How can I withdraw cash with my credit card without charges?

You can opt for a credit card with zero cash advance fees. An important way you can avoid additional charges is by paying your credit card bills on time. You can also consider alternate methods instead of direct cash withdrawals. For instance, you can make certain purchases for your friends and relatives and ask them to pay the amount back to you. 

What are the SBI credit card closing charges?

There are no charges levied by the bank for SBI credit card closing. It can be closed after paying all amounts outstanding on the credit card account.

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