SBI Debit Card Charges: Withdrawal Charges Per Year, Decline Charges

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Updated on: Apr 9th, 2024


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State Bank of India is the largest public sector bank in the country and offers its customers a wide range of debit cum ATM cards. You can choose the most suitable debit cum ATM card depending on your financial requirements. For instance, you can choose a normal SBI debit card or a foreign currency debit card based on your need. 

SBI ATM Charges

At SBI ATMs, you get five free transactions at the group ATMs, if you maintain a monthly balance of Rs.1 lakh. However, if the ATMs are located in either of the six metro cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, or Hyderabad, the upper limit of the free transactions is 3

Earlier, people who maintained a minimum average monthly balance (ABM) of Rs.25,000 received the benefit of unlimited transactions at group ATMs of the bank. But, this rule has changed now. You can avail the benefit of unlimited transactions only if you maintain an average monthly balance of Rs.50,000. 

But, even if an individual living in a metro city maintains an ABM of Rs.50,000, the number of free transactions is limited to 3. 

SBI ATM Card Charges 

You might be wondering what are SBI ATM card charges for transactions exceeding the free limit. The bank levies a fee which ranges from Rs.5 to Rs.20. The exact amount would depend on the location/place of the ATM and the type of transaction. 

What happens if the transactions are non-financial by nature and cross the prescribed limit? In these cases, customers need to bear Rs.5 at the SBI ATM and Rs.8 at the ATMs of other banks. In addition, the GST rate would also be applicable. 

SBI Debit Card ATM Annual Charges 

The Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) for SBI ATM cards will be recovered by the bank at the beginning of the second year. Listed below are the applicable annual maintenance charges for the SBI Debit Card: 

  • Classic Debit Card 

The AMC (annual maintenance charges) for this debit cum ATM card is Rs.125 plus GST. 

  • Silver / Global Contactless Debit Card 

The applicable charges for this debit card are Rs.125 plus GST. 

  • Yuva / Gold /Combo / My Card (Image) Debit Card

The annual maintenance charge for this debit card is Rs.175 plus GST. 

  • Platinum Debit Card 

The applicable AMC for a Platinum Debit Card is Rs.250 plus GST. 

  • Pride/Premium Business Debit Card

The applicable annual maintenance charge is Rs.350 plus GST. 

SBI Debit Card ATM Withdrawal Charges 

You have to pay a withdrawal charge of Rs.10 for every cash withdrawal exceeding the free limit at SBI ATMs. If you want to make more financial transactions at ATMs of other banks, you will have to pay a fee of Rs.20 for every transaction. In addition to the withdrawal fee, you also have to pay the applicable GST. 

SBI ATM Charges Per Year 2023 

The annual charges for SBI Debit cum ATM card range from Rs.125 to Rs.350. In addition to this amount, cardholders will have to pay the applicable GST. 

SBI ATM Charges After 3 Transactions 

SBI ATM cardholders will get the benefit of 5 free transactions, including financial and non-financial transactions at the bank’s ATMs, if their average monthly balance is above Rs.50,000 (it was Rs.25,000 earlier). Unlimited transactions can take place above this limit

SBI ATM Charges Per Transaction 

ATM cardholders have to pay Rs.10 + GST if they wish to withdraw cash above the prescribed limit from the bank's ATMs. However, they'll have to pay Rs.20 + GST per transaction if they wish to withdraw money from the ATMs of other banks

SBI Declined Transaction Charges 

There might be situations when transactions are declined because of insufficient balance. If you face a situation like this, you will have to pay Rs.20 + applicable GST

SBI Unlimited Free Transactions 

There’s an important factor you need to consider. People who maintain a monthly balance of Rs.1 lakh or more will get the benefit of unlimited free transactions. It’s applicable for both financial and non-financial transactions at both SBI and other banks’ ATMs. 

When it comes to international ATM cash withdrawals, you would have to pay Rs.100 along with 3.5% of the transaction amount and applicable GST. For international transactions made through Point of Sale, 3% of the transaction amount, along with GST, will be applicable. 

You should also take into account the SMS charges levied by SBI. The bank has levied a quarterly fee of Rs.12 for SMS for debit card holders. However, it's only applicable to people who maintain an average quarterly balance of Rs.25,000. 


If you’re planning to apply for a debit cum ATM card at the State Bank of India, you should be aware of the SBI ATM card charges. The most important feature you need to note is that the bank allows its customers to make 5 free transactions at ATMs if their average monthly balance is Rs.50,000. It includes financial and non-financial transactions as well. ATM charges will be applicable if the cash withdrawal crosses the aforementioned limit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of SBI ATM transactions?

There are primarily 2 types of SBI ATM transactions—financial and non-financial transactions. When customers use ATMs to deposit or withdraw cash, it's referred to as a financial transaction. But, when people use ATMs to change PINs, make balance inquiries, and draw financial statements, it's referred to as non-financial transactions.

What are the ATM charges for financial transactions?

People who maintain a monthly balance of Rs.1 lakh will get the benefit of 5 free transactions at SBI’s group ATMs. However, for transactions exceeding the prescribed limit, a fee within the range of Rs.5 to Rs.20 will be applicable. The exact amount will depend on the ATM’s location and type of transaction. When it comes to non-financial transactions above the prescribed limit, customers have to pay Rs.5 at SBI ATMs and Rs.8 at other banks’ ATMs. 

What are the ATM charges for non-financial transactions?

When customers make non-financial transactions, they have to pay a charge of Rs.5 at SBI ATMs and Rs.8 at non-SBI ATMs. GST rate will also be applicable.

What are the ATM charges for using non-SBI ATMs?

The charge for using non-SBI ATMs is Rs.20 plus GST.

How can I avoid ATM charges?

Using only network ATMs is an effective way to avoid ATM charges. Avoid using other banks’ ATMs. Try saving your free transactions for cash withdrawals. Pay your utility bills online and swipe your debit cards while shopping.

What is the cashback transaction fee for SBI ATM cards?

The annual charge for SBI Cashback Credit Card is Rs.999. Customers can get 5% off if they use the card for shopping online.

What is the maximum daily withdrawal limit for SBI ATM cards?

The daily withdrawal limit may vary depending on the variant of the card. Generally, the limit is of Rs.40,000. When it comes to higher-value debit cards, the withdrawal limit can go up to Rs.1 lakh per day.

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State Bank of India offers a variety of debit cum ATM cards with different features and charges. ATM charges include free transactions, exceeding limits, withdrawal fees, annual maintenance charges, and declined transaction fees. Maintaining a certain average monthly balance can determine the number of free transactions a customer receives. Additional charges apply for international transactions, ATM withdrawals, and declined transactions.

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